High Quality Snowboards at Discount Prices

High Quality Snowboards at Discount Prices

If you’re going to snowboard, you need the best board you can get. Whether you’re in the back country or competing in an Alpine event the right board can make or break your run. The highest performing snowboards from the best manufacturers have been tested and refined to give riders the best boards available.

If you’re just starting out and find yourself floundering when you try to decide on a board, talk to other riders. There are forums, reviews and general discussions about the best board styles for any riding style and level. Other riders will be able to give you advice on which brands fit your budget too.

Boards are expensive, so why not get a discount snowboard? Discount boards aren’t low quality; They are the same brands you know and love because of their performance and style. To find Technine, GNU, Camp Seven and other snowboard brands click here.

If you are getting ready to go down the slopes for the first time, you will probably want to choose a more economical board. Making a top of the line purchase when you don’t know if you’re going to ride long term isn’t your smartest option. A board with a lower price doesn’t mean a product with substandard materials. It just means you’re making a cost-effective purchase while you decide if snowboarding is right for you.

You need to find something to fit your style and level of experience. There are boards specifically designed for men and women, and boards to give you the exact weight, balance and profile you need. There is no reason to sacrifice quality because a top of the line brand is out of reach. Getting a board that matches your riding style is the best way to guarantee the best performance for years to come.

Once you have chosen the brand and know what features suit your riding style, its time to decide on the look of your board. There are all kinds of options out there including almost any color you could dream of, the most amazing pictures you can imagine and so many different designs to choose from.

You may want to choose gear that matches your board. Pick colors that compliment what you have when you’re purchasing boots, bindings and helmets. All of your gear can go into a matching snowboard gear bag for safe and convenient storage.

Freeriding day at Breck


Clinic was canceled so I came in anyway to ride and have fun. I’m finishing my morning, taking park laps through Park Lane, our medium park. They’ve done a really great job of getting more features open, now with five jumps ranging from 15 to 45 feet. It’s windy and dumping, though, so I didn’t hit them all.

Super fun cruising around just for fun, though. I stopped at Tenmile Station on Peak 9 for lunch and got the “Lunch for Less” deal. Only 10 bucks for a good meal. Even better with an employee discount.


I’m writing this on my iPhone, proving that this MSP thing is pretty easy to use, and maybe I’ll post a couple pictures when I get home tonight. Happy Shredding to All!

Riding as a National Team Member at Copper

I’m at Copper during the week before they open, riding at Team Training as a member of the AASI National Team. This pic is a self-portrait at the top of our run, on a winter powder day, first runs of the season, a nice 6 inch pow layer on our one run.

Highlight: first turns of the season, one foot in, sliding from one lift to the next through 6 inches of fresh untracked. The feeling of the new snow on top of smooth groom is unmistakably buttery. Remember?


It’s a blast to come together with good friends and make turns,
especially after a summer of no snowboarding. We’re working on how to
bring benefits and messages to the membership of AASI, and trickling
the stoke down to the general public riders. What can we do to improve
our teaching and riding across the country, to keep the new rider
stoked and coming back, and keep the number of riders growing?

I’ll keep you updated on our progress here during the week.

The Crown in October


There’s snow up on the peaks! It’s getting close! Yeah!! We’re at the coffee shop.

I was showing a new user how to use their MSP site, and this is the entry I created, in about five minutes. You can click the photo and it opens up bigger.

It’s getting ready to be ski season…wait a minute, it actually is, with Loveland and A-Basin open already.

I can’t wait to start sliding on the snow soon! Look me up here and see what I’m up to during the season, or better yet, come ride with me. Pretty soon I’ll put my up-to-date calendar up here too.

Ride on!

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AASI National Team Tryouts

From the drive out to the last days at Mammoth, the trip was super-fun. I made the team! Having a great time on this trip helped me to perform at my best and get on the team. It was awesome riding with that group of people – from the selectors representing a history of snowboarding to the candidates, all amazing riders and teachers. I wouldn’t have wanted to be a selector; they had a hard job.

DSC05062-crop.jpgAll 27 original candidates at least

April 23, 2008. My half-birthday. I arrived at Mammoth around 1pm, called Cam and Oliver on the way up the hill, ate my last travel sandwich out of the cooler, got my boots on and walked up to the Broadway lift. I had already bought my $10 lift tickets for the pre-selection days Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cam and D.O. were already on the hill, just finishing lunch. The sun was out and the snow was soft. Rider Rally was going on, so I knew I’d see some friends I haven’t seen in a while. National Team members KC Gandee, Chad Frost, and coach J. Randy Price were on my list of friends to see. I knew they were all on the hill.



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