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Riding as a National Team Member at Copper

I’m at Copper during the week before they open, riding at Team Training as a member of the AASI National Team. This pic is a self-portrait at the top of our run, on a winter powder day, first runs of the season, a nice 6 inch pow layer on our one run.

Highlight: first turns of the season, one foot in, sliding from one lift to the next through 6 inches of fresh untracked. The feeling of the new snow on top of smooth groom is unmistakably buttery. Remember?


It’s a blast to come together with good friends and make turns,
especially after a summer of no snowboarding. We’re working on how to
bring benefits and messages to the membership of AASI, and trickling
the stoke down to the general public riders. What can we do to improve
our teaching and riding across the country, to keep the new rider
stoked and coming back, and keep the number of riders growing?

I’ll keep you updated on our progress here during the week.

The Crown in October


There’s snow up on the peaks! It’s getting close! Yeah!! We’re at the coffee shop.

I was showing a new user how to use their MSP site, and this is the entry I created, in about five minutes. You can click the photo and it opens up bigger.

It’s getting ready to be ski season…wait a minute, it actually is, with Loveland and A-Basin open already.

I can’t wait to start sliding on the snow soon! Look me up here and see what I’m up to during the season, or better yet, come ride with me. Pretty soon I’ll put my up-to-date calendar up here too.

Ride on!

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