Ski Tips from the Devil

Ski Lessons from the hot house.  Some say, “No snowballs in Hades!”  I beg to differ.  I will sit upon your shoulder and tell you a few of my favorite shortcuts for skiing better. But first, allow me to share where I received my idea for this topic.

I was listening to Scott Fox‘s podcast with Jack Humphrey.  Jack wrote a post “Blog Promotion Tips from the Devil”.  I found it to be an interesting approach to the subject. 

lil' devil.jpg

Basically the opposite approach of many writers in getting a point across.  What about the random ski tip in leu of ski lesson given by well meaning friends or family members?

Those who ski often may have heard of “The Intermediate Rut”.  This is a point in which the skier’s current technique prevents them from skiing Advanced to Expert terrain without the “skill or grace” enjoyed on the blue terrain
As I listened to the podcast, it struck me that Ski Tips from the Devil would fit well in the realm of the ski & ride instructor.  So often, well meaning friends give advice of which they know very little.  Specifically, how to ski well.  Usually these ski tips get passed down from person to person with their own little spin. 


Prior to writing, I decided I should do some leg work and research the subject. Where to go to find those knowledgeable about the subject at 5:30pm?  A local ski/ride instructor watering hole  Quandary Grille in Breckenridge!  
There were quite a few “devils” willing to share their stories.  It was fun to knock one back and talk about a few war stories on the hill.  
When reading over these, realize in many cases they are band-aids to a real underlying skill deficiency in one’s skiing.  In the case of equipment choices or off snow choices it is just listening what others have told them.  Ignorance in it’s most innocent sense.
Here are a few of our choice tips (6+6+6=18)
1) Push your shins into the front of the boot, and edge more to slow down
2) Just “duck the rope”.  The snow is better on the other side.
3) Turn your head and/or shoulders in the direction you want to go
4) Always lean back in powder, and lean forward when you ski
5) Use your poles to push away from the lift
6) Wear two pairs of socks to keep your feet warmer, and stuff your jeans into your boots
7) Place the metal snap on your snow cuff between your boot and shin as a positive reinforcement device.
8) Use the “Texas Tuck” to help you go faster across the flats
9) Impress your friends with jump tricks whenever possible 
10)  The “Texas Suitcase” or the “Houston Handbag” are the best methods to walk around with your skis and poles
11)  Turn with your knees, and keep your feet close by attaching the boot’s velcro straps together.
12) Let your friends “teach” you how to ski, and teach spouses and significant others whenever possible.
13) Once you “learn” how to turn and stop, you are ready to go to the top!


14) If one beer at lunch makes you ski better, two will make you ski GREAT!
15) Your instructor doesn’t want a tip.  “Cheers!” is reward enough
16) 1990’s (faded) Neon will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.
17) Surprise your fellow chairlift riders by immediately pulling down the safety bar as the chair leaves the station.
18)  If your legs are tired at the end of the day, lean against the rear boot cuff and take an extra run.

Breckenridge 09 – DewTour

P1000576.JPGThe Dew Tour is hitting Breckenridge. A tent city of swag is in the Base area on Peak 8.  Lots of cool stuff, including GoPro HD Cameras!  I made it there for Skier Halfpipe Qualifiers.  48 men trying for 9 spots in the Prelims (friday), who will eventually qualify for the finals on Saturday night under the lights.

There will be a number of exciting park and pipe events.  I for one am in awe with regard to how these athletes put their bodies on the line.  The back to back tricks they pull is quite impressive.
I don’t have must time to type this out as I have spent a little time putting a video together to better show the time I was on the hill today.
Here is a slideshow using the photos of the day.

Thankful Thursday – Breckenridge style

A few internet friends are creating a Circle of Thankful Thursday.  I like this idea.  I like it a lot.  We all have the ability to create heaven or hell on Earth.  Some people think one must wait to visit these places.  I believe it is in your power to create either one.  


How does one create these alternative realities.  It is based on our beliefs.  What have we come to hold as true.  I have the ability to generate a great day.  One in which ideal situations attract to me.  I also have the ability to create a rotten day.  This is to say, I have the God-given ability to respond to situations in anyway I see fit.  I have the ability to manifest my reality.  I choose Heaven.  The writings of Don Miguel Ruiz resonate with me at a very high level.  
This morning I woke early.  I was pleased to see the market down and the dollar up.  Yes, I was please.  Crazy huh.  Why… well in trading I have positioned myself for the US dollar to benefit from a sideways to up moves.  And I have positioned myself to profit from the Equity Mkts to be sideways to down. If I am wrong, so be it.  I limit my losses and move on.
I wake up to trade which I love.  I then move on to teach skiing, which from this blog I obviously enjoy.  This afternoon was shared with my son and daughter who are joys of my life.  And tonight I went to visit friends and teammates with our PrePaid Legal Business, which is a product I believe everyone in North America should own.
It may have been a full day, but it was a full day of doing things in which I enjoy.  A day I could have said, “Whoa is me.  I have worked for 18hrs today.”  However I chose to say.  “Wow, what a life.  I am going to fill up my day.  Then rest, and do it again tomorrow.”

My Breckenridge fantasy route

Can you imagine a 19.75 mi route (including lifts) around Breck while skiing ONLY 1 blue run while the rest is black and double Black Terrain.  I was playing around with Google Earth this afternoon to find such a route.  Of course this requires that a few of our trust fund town council members to pull their head out and approve the expansion to P6.  After all this is a Ski and Ride Resort!  Let’s make it the best it can be. 

19.75 mi route.jpg

Here is the route:
Starting at the Village, you take the Quicksilver, then head to Peak 10 for a lap on the southside.  Take Falcon Chair again and ski The Burn.  Come down an then over the Mercury, down Tom’s Baby on the E-chair side of P9.
Then go to the mid-station of the P8 Interconnect, to Imperial Chair.  Hike up to the Lake Chutes and ski back to 6-Chair.

Then to Imperial Chair again, this time head out to the Whale’s tail and cut across to P7 (Magic Carpet), back to the T-bar.  Take a lap in Horseshoe and head to the base of Peak 7 (1st Blue Run).

19.5mi NE.jpg

From the base of 7, go up the Independence chair (1st base lift since your first chair).  Drop into Ore Bucket and over to the proposed Peak 6 Lift. Ride to the top of P6, hike to your favorite drop and ski the 3/4mi wide bowl.  Enjoy the powder, and then enjoy a long, yet enjoyable ski back to the base of Peak 7 to have lunch at Seven’s restaurant.

Currently there are many great route options, but I must say, this one would ROCK.  Breckenridge has many diverse wind and weather patterns which would influence the actual route.  But the best way to get around Breckenridge is to have an experienced guide and instructor.

Breckenridge Lodging worthy of consideration

As you scan this web article you will imagine a great ski holiday with first tracks, no morning traffic, and relaxing apres’ ski activities.  A few years ago my wife and I bought a vacation ownership week at Grand Lodge on Peak 7.  At the time the ground was not cleared nor broken.  And the lift had not yet been extended down the mountain by 500 yards.  However, I knew what a great location the GL7 would have.  I was also aware of the Breckenridge Master Plan to expand toward Peak 6, which will be extraordinary. And the GL7 will be located at the gateway to the Peak 6 expansion.


 I was aware of the current plans to build Crystal Peak and the new wholly-owned condos.  The price ranges were $700K -2.2M.  This was certainly more that I would spend on a ski condo.  I was looking for a different option, but still a true ski-in, ski-out top notch experience.  The Grand Lodge @ Peak 7 has exceeded our expectations.

In June 2009 the resort opened to guests.  The next phase will open in January 2010.  Our family loves the day use aspect of the Lodge.  A terrific and spotless workout facility, Adult-only Grotto (steamroom, sauna, large hottub), and the large family indoor-outdoor pools and hottubs have been our family’s favorites.  
Little by little you begin to realize that this is a fun way to have a ski vacation.   During the season we plan to use the included (but limited) on-mountain parking at the Grand Lodge.  I know a number of families around Colorado who are owning at the Lodge for the day use facilities.  Funny though… those are just some of the amenities. They cost me 1/3 of a private parking spot in Vail.   You still get to use your week or two of the 5-star quality lodging, and the Interval International network (which Sadie and I use often for getaways). 
To readers of my blog, you are aware of my opinions of parking and transportation in Breckenridge.  Basically all ski parking is via pay lots in town.  During holidays driving around town can be very busy.  Lines can be long.  The Gondola is a good transportation system to get up the base of Peak 7 & 8.  And the bus system around town is very good too.  But there is NOTHING like walking out your door on your next ski vacation and putting your skis or board on just steps out the door without the hassle of transportation.  
Then can you imagine at the end of the day handing your skis to your ski concierge, taking off your ski gear and putting on your bathing suit and entering the hottub (located less than 100 feet from the snow.  It is awesome.
Are you beginning to see how fun this place can be?  Now it is easy to see the Grand Lodge in person. I have included some information below to reach an on-property contact. He can set up a easy tour of the GL7. The tours usually take between 90-120 minutes.  
I have a number of long-time students who rent nice condos in town every year.  This may be the best program for them.  I also know many student who come to Breck as well as other areas.  My family is planning on using it to visit a few different ski areas and beach properties in the upcoming years.  We can just trade our week easily and visit a different area.  
Once you see the Grand Lodge you will realize that anywhere else you stayed in Breckenridge is a distant second (or worse) in lodging quality.  
You may reach my friend and on-property contact Glen Brady directly @ 970.485.1831.
Or you can call the reservation line @ 866.476.2311 I would be thankful if you tell them the websource code:
I am well aware of the perceived sales pressure of a “tour”.  I understand completely, as don’t respond well to overt sales pressure either.  But what I have found in my three tours with Grand Lodge (and their sister property) is that those giving the tour have been very nice.  I would suggest you ask to tour the property with Glen Brady or Ryan Beneke. They were fabulous, and the made the tour very enjoyable.  Tell them that Jon Lawson said, “Hello”

Another potential notch in the belt of The Federal Reserve and global Central Banks


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