10/15 – No Internet, no problem… sort of…

There was a big snow day in Summit County on Sunday. It was beautiful! With beauty, sometimes comes issues…

There was a big snow day in Summit County on Sunday. It was beautiful! With beauty, sometimes comes issues… Sunday power outage, and my home internet was out Sunday and Monday. But where there is a will, there indeed was a way. I woke up on Monday morning and went to a friends trading office and plugged in.
Sunday morning out of my porch @ 7am.
It is a little more involved to put all of my info on a 15″ notebook computer screen, rather than my twin 22″ home computer screens. But anyway, I ran my scans and put my order adjustments in the computer prior to the open.
HERE is a great The Disciplined Investor podcast with Harry Dent Jr. as the guest. I added this podcast to my essential listening via iTunes.
There were a few gems that were put together.
UTHR – Exited the remaining 4 units 70p of this trade for .40. There were only small exiting trades that filled my larger orders. This trade may be getting a bit long in the tooth as I have worked this trade 6 times in the past 2 1/2 weeks. Beautiful.
KBH – Exited Jan 30p-22.5p for 3. A nice small profit on the down move over the past few weeks. Bought @ 2.35.
IWM – Sold Nov 85/81p spread for 1.60 early in the day. Without internet, I didn’t want to much direction risk. Also, I sold this very early, but I was am well exposed to the down side with an Oct 82/80/78 butterfly, and a JAN/Nov 81p calendar.
NFLX – The underlying popped this morning ($24). I bought another unit of Nov/Dec 22.5p for .25. But most importantly, I was able to get 3 units of the Nov/Dec 25c spread for .25. This is an outstanding adjustment. It has widened my breakevens substantially. Breakevens 19.75 and 29.25.
Here is the new NFLX Risk Graph
USB – tomorrow morning is a big deal. Earning announced premarket, and with today’s down move it may keep USB stable after the announcement. I have very big exposure at the 32.5c calendar level. This event should loosen the spread! Possibly a big payday.

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