12/19/07 – Nice day, a new friend

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Today is the epitome of the skiing life

A very nice day on the hill. It started off sunny and cool. Eventually it started snowing lightly and cooled off a bit. IMG_0700.JPG
I was fortune enough to ski with Lewis from London. He skied two years ago in Italy, and this was his first day back since then. He was a quick study. We played with moving into balance as we moved through transition between turns. This set us up, to move into the turn using a leg rotation, rather than a shoulder initiation.
We quickly moved from Chair 7 to Chair 5, and skied some easy blue runs. This introduced an extra element of acceleration. Once we made the adjustment by managing speed above the fall line rather than at the bottom of the turn, it was game on. We were ready for the Colorado Superchair (peak 8), and the Independence Chair on Peak 7. IMG_0707.JPG
Peak 7 offers some of the best intermediate cruisers anywhere. Even during the peak of Christmas, the runs Wirepatch and Lincoln Meadows are wide open and tremendous. We played with carving and skidding, and a variety of speeds. It was a highlight of our day.
In the evening, the Breckenridge Resort Christmas Party was held @ the Beaver Run Resort. I feel very fortunate to work with people that are so much fun. Sometimes people ask me when I am going to move back into the “real world”. I have to laugh a little. To me there is nothing more real than people from the ages of 18 to 70+ living such effervescent lives. There is no doubt that I have lots to learn from my peers.
I have also committed myself to looking for a House Swap with someone on the Beach in Hawaii. In the month of January ’09 I will be looking to change homes with someone who wants a home in Breckenridge. While skiing today I was thinking about these possibilities. The US Equities Market is open from 3:30am – 10am. The rest of the day is mine to do PrePaid Legal, surf, and siesta. I have set a multiple 6-figure financial target to earn next summer in my trading. Upon reaching that goal, I will be actively looking to swap homes for a month.



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One thought on “12/19/07 – Nice day, a new friend”

  1. Thanks Jon – had a great couple of days on the 19th and today. You’ll be pleased to know that, after nearing frostbite this afternoon, I’ve bought goggles and something to cover my face!

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