12/19 – Away from the desk, but still made trades

On the hill, but still trading.

I was on the hill teaching most of the day. I did make a few trades early. Sent in an amended tax return from a recent audit, I am getting $1000+ back from the govt. You gotta love those kind of audits. I am just a money magnet. Ahhhhh, except for the fact that I left 13K on the table in RHT today.
I almost need to rant. I have left a fortune on the table in the past two weeks on my trade. Ok, maybe not a fortune, but easily 40K+. I was getting shaken out of my position big time. And of course I exited as part of a predetermined plan of scaling out of trades as the underlying hit certain prices. Yes, I followed my plan, I am thankful for that. If nothing else, I am disciplined. I didn’t trade as actively this month as in other months. And so far this month I am up 8% on all my accts. So that is pretty good. My goal this month is to exceed 10% growth in the accts.
YUM – stopped @ 37.39. It was a bummer, as the stock popped up early, and then faded hard. I ended up loosing about $25. It was worth a shot.
OMX – 1 unit Jan/Feb 22.5p for .35. I would like to add the 20p calendar, or a feb 20p option to protect the downside. 2:1 reward to risk.
RHT – Exited 5 units of Dec/Jan 20p for .25, 3 units @ .30, and 1 unit @ .40. This is a heartbreak. After hrs RHT reported and the stock is @ 19.70. It looks like it will be around .80 @ the open. I was just spooked by the poor action on this spread for the past 3 weeks. I just wanted out, and didn’t want the coin flip of earnings. I had 90 spreads on @ .20. That would have been a nice payday. Oh well. It was a 42% profit (after comm) for 30 days. I should be thankful.
USB- 4 units of Mar/Jan 32.5p for .52-.54. I have been building this 2 month calendar spread for 2 days now. I have also been legging into a March 30p/35c strangle as an explosion position for this trade. I love the reward to risk of this trade. Also, I will be trying to remove the risk in this calendar by putting on the delta neutral strangle in the back month..
C- Added 2 units of a Mar/Jan 32.5c calendar for .75, and 2 units of the Mar/Jan 27.5p calendar for .77. I bought the 27.5 calendar when the underlying broke below the previous low of 30.01. This offers a good reward to risk, and a front month volatility skew. With the 12 day holiday period upon us, this looks like a nice opportunity.

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