Babes on Bumps 2010 – photo review


I had a great 2 months skiing with the ladies of the Babes on Bumps.  We came to the season with diverse goals. 

1) Improve our skiing
2) Have fun
3) Push a few of our limits
After the first lesson we talked about Zones of Comfort, Performance, and Fear
Here is a slide show of a few of our adventures

We trying to focus and integrate 1 of the 3 skills (Rotary Movements, Edge Ctrl Movements, and Pressure Ctrl Movements) during the first 4 weeks of our time together.

We use a variety of Fore/Aft Balance queues (feeling the shins by flexing/extending the ankles)
Foot to foot balance in soft snow. Finding our equilibrium 80/20, 70, 30, 60/40, or 50/50
We also skied across the bumps to develop an awareness of movement in the ankles, knees, and hips.  Specific focus was give to “short circuiting” the extension reflex.  Flex as we cross the face of the bump, rather than extend or brace against the bump.
A constant theme was developing a “softer” ankle while we skidded through our turn. Understanding that a less edged ski as it skids will create friction, and friction will contorl our speed. If we want to increase our speed or hold our line we can roll to a higher edge and develop a carve.
In the second half of the sessions we traveled the mountain and worked more on application.  Whale’s Tail, North Bowl, Snow White, and E-Chair were fair game.   We still have plenty of practice to get in.  But I hope it was a fun time had by all.
Thank you Babes!
Here is a second and shorter slide show