A morning walk in the snow with The Fifth Agreement

Just had a nice morning walk through 10″ of late April powder.  I tend to read while I walk.  I have never thought much of it, although it seems other people don’t know how I do it.  I have been reading the follow up to one of my favorite books of all-time, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  
This book is The Fifth Agreement  (You can go to MyOnlineBlastoff to get cash back discounts on all purchases) offers reasoning as to adding the additional agreement.  I have long thought of this agreement in my own life, but I did not previously see such a tight correlation.  
As I was walking I was re-reading the initial 4 agreements:
1)  Be Impeccable with your Word – Your mind is full of knowledge, but how are you using that knowledge.  “The word, as a symbol,  has the magic  and power of creation because it can reproduce an image, an idea, a feeling, or an entire story in your imagination.”I was reminded of the understanding of the power of what we say and how we say it.  It prompted me to understand 
the way we use symbols as representation for a thought or a string of thoughts, or an entire belief system.  I thought of the way a series of words or symbols with action can completely change the course of history. Adam and Even, Original sin, Infidel, The Rich, The Poor, American Flag, Hand on our heart, Salute to the Leader of a country.  I also recounted how most humans use words.  Perhaps through gossip or opinion. And where did you learn your “words”. “Impeccability of the word is so important because the word is you, the messenger.  You are telling yourself a story, but is it the truth?”  “Being impeccable with your word means never using the power of the word against yourself.”
2)  Not Take Anything Personally We are dreaming.  Each of us is living our own lives. Others actions are based upon the agreements they have made with themselves, rather than your knowledge/agreements.  “Who is dreaming the story of your life?  You are. 
 If you don’t like your life, if you don’t like what you believe about yourself, you are the only one who can change it.  It is your world; it’s your dream.”  How often do I become the supporting character in someone else’s dream, rather than the lead in my own.  (For me, all too often).  Others want ‘secondary’ characters the way they want them to be, and if they are not, they fell very hurt.  They take everything personally.  With this awareness, you can also understand the solution, and it’s something simple and logical.  Don’t take anything personally.
Those are the two I internalized this morning.  The remaining three will have to wait for tomorrows walk.
3) Don’t make assumptions
4) Always do your best
5th) Be skeptical, but learn to listen
To your success, 

The Breckenridge Lesson Pass information 2010-11 Season

Thx to Bob Booker for putting together the information


STEP 1 – Renew or Buy an 10/11 Colorado, Summit or Epic Pass
STEP 2 – Renew or Buy your 10/11 Adult Lesson Pass for only $249 or Child Lesson Pass for only $560
STEP 3 – Take your skills to the next level!


Breckenridge Lesson Passes allows you to take class lessons throughout the 2010-2011 Season.

·         Valid Thursdays through Sundays

·         Breck Adult Lesson Pass- $249. Ages 14+ Valid for Ski, SB and Tele Saturday class lessons.

·         Breck Child Lesson Pass – $560. Ages 4-13, Valid for Ski and SB class lessons.

·         Spring sales through May 7th, 2010 or while supplies last.

·         Participants may redeem one Ski & Ride School group lesson ticket per day on the morning of the lesson.  The Breckenridge Lesson Passes are valid for classes Thursday through Sunday only.  The lesson ticket is NOT TRANSFERABLE.  You must have your season pass present to obtain a lesson ticket.

·         On your first day stop into a Ski & Ride School office to fill out a release form, a Breckenridge Lesson Pass agreement, and to obtain a lesson ticket. After your first day you will not be required to fill out a release however you will still need to obtain a lesson ticket.

·         Breckenridge Ski & Ride School Pass redemption is unavailable: 12/23/10-01/02/11, 1/08/11-1/09/11, 1/15/11-1/16/11, 2/19/11-2/20/11 & 3/12/11-03/20/11

·         Lessons meet at normal class lesson times; 9:45am for Adults and 9:15 for children, for morning and all day lessons. Afternoon lessons are only available to novice skiers and riders, levels 1-4, and depart at 1:30pm.

·         We will make every effort to accommodate instructor requests but reserve the right to make assignments according to business needs and policies. The final decision lies with the supervisor and not the instructor.

·         Not valid for Ultimate 4, Adventure Session, camp or special program participation. 

·         All dates/times/locations/prices subject to change. Please call 1888-576-2754 (970-453-3272) for updated information.

·         Refund policy: Before Dec 22 the one day window rate for an adult/child lesson will be subtracted based on usage. After Dec. 22, Breckenridge Lesson Ski & Ride School passes are non-refundable.