My December. Teaching Children with a higher level of understanding.

Colorado snow has been light this year, but the snow making crew has been providing. We have started receiving a few storm cycles in the Central Rockies, and that is helping quite a bit. I’ve been traveling a little for the powder days. Traveled to Monarch Ski Area last week for a day. They have received more snow this week as well. I am looking forward to planning a few trips this winter. Snowcat Trips to Monarch, Silverton, and Steamboat are in order. 

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Woodward at Copper – First time experience

I have enjoyed skiing Copper Mountain over the years, And this is the first year I have taught there. As part of my training we took the “Intro” course at the Woodward Barn. The staff of Woodward took us through the process of initiating us the freestyle life of Woodward.

I was looking forward to the experience, yet when I put on my workout clothes and stepped onto the gymnastics floor my anxiety level elevated. Fortunately the experience staff anticipated this as well. We started with a good warm up and stretching. As we stretched, the instructors offered a verbal preview of the session ahead. This lowered the anxiety slightly.

We went through a simple progression of somersault type activities (front and back) on the mat with wedges and multiple instructors to help us improve our technique. The foam pits just off the gym floor reminded us of what was to come. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to try. Front flip, and 360 with a grab were two moves I wanted to complete. I was assured that it was very doable. Before we were to use the trampolines we were coached on entering the pit. Two footed jump and landing in a tuck butt first was our first pitjump. The landing was simple, but I did feel slightly claustrophobic getting out of the 6″ blocks of foam. The next jump off the map into the pit was a either a front flip or a somersault roll. I delayed entry for a bit, unsure if I could do it. I thought, maybe just the somersault into the pit. Fortunately there were other 1st timers doing what I wanted to do… a front flip. I took a big gulp, stepped forward and made a front flip into the pit. When I sat on the foam, I did so with a feeling of accomplishment. My first front flip accomplished.

Copper Mountain here I come

I am looking forward to writing about skiing, ski teaching, and a day in the life of a ski instructor with my students. I was very actively writing a few years ago at Breckenridge while teach mostly upper level lessons and private lessons. 


However the past two years teaching and training staff at Loveland, and raising two pre-teens didn’t allow me the time to do daily ski and ride posts.

This year I moved to Copper Mountain. This was a ski area that I have considered working with over the past 19 years. However I waited until the era of “Interwest” had passed. A real estate development company usually does not provide the best ski experience. However, with new and experienced ownership, Copper (2433 acres) is a “Momma Bear” mountain for me. “Papa Bear” Breckenridge (2031 acres) and the Publicly Traded “MTN” aka Vail Resorts had become spirit sucking place to work. 


 Baby Bear” Loveland (1570 acres) had the small mountain charm with family ownership. Copper Mountain is a family owned by a medium size privately held ski company POWDR. 

Copper is a tremendous mountain with varied terrain (TRAIL MAP). Naturally divided starting from the base areas (Base Area MAP): West Villiage (easiest), Center Village (intermediate+), to East Village (Advanced+). And with the addition of the Union Creek express you can make it from one side to the other with one lift. My favorite terrain for “day off” and upper level skiing takes place in Copper Bowl, Union Bowl, Spaulding Bowl, and off the Resolution lift. I am looking forward to getting a snowcat ride up to the top of Tucker Mountain. Impressive acreage too!

At Breckenridge I specialized in advanced lessons (Private and Group), and Loveland I worked with advanced lessons and staff training. 


At Copper I will be working a variety of age groups, and Group & Private lesson at Copper. And my previous students @ Breck will take lessons for 25% less at Copper Mtn. A relatively large percentage of the students book their lessons in advance at Copper.

This season I will be busy with Certification Training. Specifically I will be pursuing my Freestyle Accreditation, Children’s Specialist Accreditation, and a PSIA-RM Examiner position. I will document those pursuits as well. I look forward to sharing the season with you, and answering any question that you post as comments.

The season has been low on snow, but Copper has an impressive amount of terrain open. Thank you for following the journey.