3…2..1. BLASTOFF

I have seen the future. I hope my readers take advantage of the opportunity.

I can be quite the skeptic, however this may be the biggest no-brainer I have ever seen. It was nice to see that a company with 37 years of experience and given the honor of a Top 100 company in North America has done their due diligence in researching this upstart company.


I just returned from a business convention. I like to see what is coming down the path with Internet business development. I seen the future of Data Aggregation and Online shopping 2.0…
It is called BLASTOFF Network. Follow the link to look around. Blastoff Network is designed to be your homepage. And they aggregate some of your favorite sites, including your Social Networking sites… Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. It is Fun, Easy, and Free.
Currently the company is in Pre-Launch. The official launch date for the public is October 12, 2009. However, on Sunday Sept 13,2009 only Pre-Paid Legal Associates w/memberships can register for the site. There is soft-launch scheduled Sept 27,2009. From Sept 27-Oct 11 only PPL Associates will be able to register new users of Blastoff Network.
This head start can be worth a fortune if executed properly. Creating massive exposure, and having a combination of New PrePaid Legal Associates and guests getting the FREE BlastOff homepage will be critical.
This is FREE for ALL Current Pre-Paid Legal Associates with a membership. They simply must register HERE
Blastoff is explained very well in this 5 minute video at this link Notice the charts below reflecting growth after 10 generations. Prepaid Legal Associates have an exclusive right to draw commissions from 20 generations. The exponential nature of the numbers creates a staggering realization that an early adopter of BlastOff Network in combination with the Pre-Paid Legal Advantage can create incredible commissions from a staggering pool of buyers.

BO growth.jpg

If someone starts by sharing Blast off with 3 people and it grows by 3 on each generation there are 80,000 people in the user network. However, IF a person exposes a great number of people and we see 20 new people getting Blastoff, and each person thereafter has 3 register there are 590,000 in the BlastOff Network.
The growth of online retail is undeniable. FedEx and UPS are certain busy around my neighborhood. This generation of online is going to be different. Blastoff has contracted with more than 400 major retailers at the time of launch. All of these retailers have agreed to pay cash back to the network of Blastoff users. BlastOff also aggregates internet promotion codes for products and retailers. In short, BlastOff Network does the coupon clipping for the buyer. Thus getting the best price possible.


Search my BlastOff Network site and kick the tires. If it makes sense, the steps to put it in play:

  • A person or business may take advantage of these for as little as $99 (Associateship & memberships) and $27/mo for their memberships thereafter.
  • Get a PPL and IdentityTheft Shield memberships
  • Become a PPL Associate (one-time fee)
  • I would also suggest getting eService which allows the Associate the ability to collect on-going commissions from Online PPL membership sales. eService is free for the first 90 days, and less than $20/mo thereafter.
  • Then register for your BlastOff Network site
  • I have seen start up companies which had a very bright future (lots of reward), but with the ability/high probability of going to ZERO (lots of risk). However, I see this opportunity has massive potential while being brought to market with a rock solid company with substantial cash and little debt (limited risk). And really what is the risk $100? This is the biggest NO-BRAINER I have ever seen. I would buy two if they would let me. Alas, I can only spend the $100 and then share it with others. Join me and let’s do this together.

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