4/21 -Closing day at the ski area

Employee ski day, but I’d rather trade.

This won’t be a long post as I am driving down to Denver to see Eric Barden (trader/fund manager).
I am going into the day a little battered and bruised from Friday. However, I did get a few nice treats. As I thought, some of my positions were wrecked due to Volatility swings. Today I was up 1% on the day.
The trade I was most nervous for was TXN. I have a 3% calendar position through earnings. it looks as though it has passed without incident. This could be a nice wake up. I did make and miss a few trades today.
SDS- Bought @ 58.35, stopped at 57.76. This market is strong
CHD – bought @ 56.16
RIO- I missed the stock trade @ 38.48. But I made a 4 unit entry on the May/June 40p calendar for .97. It is a calendar with a directional bias.
RIMM – entered a June 130/145c vertical for 4.70 on a breakout above 125.
AEM – A wave 4 buy on a downtrend breakout on a bounce off the 50 day MA. June 70/85c for 5.15.
At the end of the day my SPX weighted portfolio greeks are:
Delta -4.67
Theta 270
Vega 716
This is very good. I can easily make my own bullish adjustments on breakouts to the upside. But as it is, I am looking good with the status quo.

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