6/22 Wow, what a beautiful week in the high country

We had the Summer Solstice on Thursday, and my oh my how nice it was.
The golf courses are starting to get very nice. And summer parties abound.

We had the Summer Solstice on Thursday, and my oh my how nice it was.
The golf courses are starting to get very nice. The River Course in Keystone and Breckenridge Golf Club lowered their cut on the greens. There have been spectacular mornings with brief afternoon showers.
My sons baseball season is almost over, and this week he was in Skateboard camp. I have been on walks and a few bike rides (not enough). And I have been ramping up my PrePaid Legal business, including presenting at a few ID Theft luncheons.


Last weekend had tons of great events. When coming up check out GO BRECK.com . The Breck Kingdom Days, Frisco BBQ (nationally attended). Really fun stuff up here. Bring shorts, sunscreen, and rain jacket.
For those looking for an AMAZING stay in Breck next winter, I found a deal for you. The Grand Timber Lodge has a few Deluxe Studio Units at the Beaver Run Resort for an incredible rate. I just put together a 4 nights stay in early February (Sunday or Monday arrival) for $149 total! (it is a little higher for weekend stays… but not much more). They are just requiring a 90-minute tour of the Grand Timber Lodge (vacation ownership). Simple.
For those who have stayed at the Beaver Run, you know it is the deal of the century. The rates are normally $179 and up/night plus taxes. If you know anyone who wants ski-in/ski-out, lives outside of Colorado, and doesn’t mind a 90-minute tour to save up to $650 for a 4-night stay, have ’em call 866.338.1075 x3009. You can go to GTL VACATIONS.com to check out the offers.
Here was the Summer Solstice party photos. We held the party all day on Saturday. I managed to get Christian to a baseball game, and Izzy to a pony party, the back to the neighborhood for the party.


2 thoughts on “6/22 Wow, what a beautiful week in the high country”

  1. My kids are confined to the indoors during daylight hours. 110-112 and miserable. Your got it lucky.
    I am heading up to Wyoming over the 4th of July with the boys, my dad, and Jackson and doing some fishing and camping in the Bighorn Mountains and probably north of Cody in the Beartooths. Depending on schedule, I may come through CO on the way home.

  2. Luck is a funny thing, eh?
    It was an incredible week. Both Sat and Sun the highs hit 81*. I was looking at the national weather picture. 98* Denver, 109* Phoenix, 73 San Fran, 71* Las Vegas. 80s and 90s most other places. 78* expected here on monday. Beautiful.
    If you drive through CO, especially Breck. Let me know.

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