8/3/07 – No real bounce

Markets made no progress this week. That was ok though, the acct did great. I gained 6% to the portfolio this week.

Simply and incredible day yesterday. There is nothing like being on a beautiful golf course: The Club at Pradera, and getting a few inexpensive calendars, and selling 6 different positions for MY prices. I loved it. I was so excited with the trade, I reeled off 5 birdies. Good thing, they salvaged my round which included a 2-double and 1-Triple bogies… ouch.
SPF is now a profitable trade. Down more than $800 a few days back. Now, I’m back up, yesss. I bought 3 units of the 12.5p Dec/jan for .05 again, today I sold 2 units for .20. I have 3 units of the 15p caledar on. I would like to sell these too. The dynamic hedge is at Max loss, so once the last calendar is sold, I won’t mind seeing the stock hit the toilet. I would then sell my Aug 17.5p and use the cash to buy extra stock, another series of Sept puts to protect the position. Very Nice.
DTV – a dog with fleas. I am out of the last unit for a .10 loss. Bummer, but at least I’m out. It has dropped below all support.
ONXX – I picked up a unit of the 25p Dec/Jan for .05 Credit, 30p Dec/Jan for a credit of .05, and the 35c Dec/Jan for a debit of .05. Very Nice.
3 of 3 with and interview with Dr. David Hawkins.

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