8/17/2007 – Boing, with boosters

Can you say BONG! with FED boosters.

Can you say BOiNG! with FED boosters. I hope you are enjoying this Federal Reserve series. It really makes me wonder what the Fed’s real intentions on this shake out. This morning caused me some concern, especially on expiration day. The SPX cash closed at 1450.11, that was perfect as it nearly maxed out my gain on an SPX iron condor position I was holding. Either way, my profits are WAY up. And I back in 85% cash. I will keep cherry picking for my next shots.
The Movie: Federal Reserve. Part 3 of 5. Pretty strong, eh? Beware, this may cause you anger, yet hopefully not against me.

I am not entered anything in size, I have just taken off a few things.
ACF- I put 12 units on yesterday for a .01 credit, I am out of all my units at .30. And overnight 10x gainer overnight. That is very nice. It kinda made my month really. The only bummer, was that I was away from my computer yesterday. My position would have been 5 times the size it was. It is funny, making more overnight that I used to make in a month. I like it. The best part… my risk was less than an airline ticket to Las Vegas. Very nice.
CY – I exited 3 units of the 25p trade for .15. I still have 6 on. The underlying is hovering nicely.
MATK – I exited before I was ready. I exited this trade for 5.80. The overall trade was profitable, but I couldn’t cancel my order in time at the open. Oops. This trade covered my Jet Blue trade.
GOOG – Sold 1 unit Butterfly Sept 520/540/560 for 2.60. I lost on this trade. I bought the breakout, then crushed… I lost 1.55 on this trade.
ALD- Sold 1 of 2 units Feb/Jan 30p for .20. Bought for .03.
LYO – I picked someone off in the Mar/Jan 40p for .05. As soon as I hit the order, it moved out to .20. I am not getting filled on anymore entries.
ACLI – I am in accumulation mode on this one. Dec/Jan 20p calendar for even.
At this moment, I still have 112 orders working.
Have a glamorous weekend..

As always, these are not trade recommendations. I am not a broker, investment advisor, etc. Educational purposes only.
Have a great weekend,

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