8/20/2007- Sideways chop after last week’s busy week

It feels like market is very heavy. I am playing choppy to down. My acct to a very nice spike up on the open. EVERYTHING spread this morning.

It feels like market is very heavy. I am playing choppy to down. My acct to a very nice spike up on the open. $500 to a $1000+ a day is pretty nice, I am ok with this. EVERYTHING spread this morning. I would like to get out of a few of these in anticipation of another market drop, and a number of trades presenting themselves. I was in a trading friend’s office today, Playing around and making 10-20k, I guess I need to think bigger. The good news is that he has asked me to meet with him regarding some of my option trading strategies, and implementing them in his business. Very Nice.
The Movie: Federal Reserve part 4 of 5 television is not the truth. People do what ever the tube tells them. Trading, war, beliefs or purchases

I became a little impatient on one of my trades. I want to ready myself for an increase in movement, and preserve some mental capital. â™ 
BMY- Mar/Jan 30p. It was still within my risk parameters, and it was two months wide. But it wasn’t opening or reacting very well. So I decided to exit 2 units for .15. I made a few cents, after commission on it. I’m out of this trade.
CY – I exited 1 unit @ .15.
ALD – Sold 1 unit of Feb/Jan 35p for .20. This spread has been pretty wild, but has not traded much.
ALKS – Bought 1 unit of feb/jan 17.5p for .05
UNM – Sold 2 unit of 25p (ATM) for .17. It hasn’t widened much, but there was still nice profit.
LYO – Sold 1 unit of Mar/Jan 40p for .20. I think I bought this by someones mistake yesterday. As soon as I sent the order in I was filled, then the spread adjusted. I was filled in the afternoon on this one. I was an overnight double. It all adds up.
IWM – OCT/Sept double double 70/7283/85 for .50 debit.
This band sounds so good live. It somehow relates to the above video.

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  1. hi jonathan – a question about fills – i usually check the (after-the fact-) prices of your trades, on the optionsxpress site. i do not think i could get those fills you mention, based on what OX shows. normally if i put in an options order between the bid/ ask or worse, at the bid, it just sits there all day…. especially where o/i and/or volume is a bit thin. i use IB.

  2. Most entries you try will not get filled. I may have 20 trades I am attempting at 4 to 8 different price levels. I am looking to find someone who needs to get an order filled. When that happens, my order is there to help the market maker get it done.
    Basically, it can sit there for quite a while, and the moment I get a fill at a good price, I am looking to back up that order. The opportunity may only present itself for a few minutes, perhaps as long as a day or two. Either way, I want to be at the top of the stack to get filled. Remember that I am looking for a great price (edge), the market rarely lets an edge last for long.
    I used OX for my trading awhile back, I don’t really like they way they mark spread prices. I find ThinkorSwim gives a better indication of tradeable prices.
    You may also notice that when I get filled on a number of these trades, I am usually the only one to be trading the back month option. People seem to be laying off their trades in different ways than me. i.e. Bear Put spreads, Butterflies, or straight options.
    p.s. I was just asked to trade for a “Prop firm” here in Breckenridge. My “system” has caught their interest.
    All the best,

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