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Discussion on EpicSki

In a discussion on EpicSki.com (excellent ski forum) Bud Heishman posted an interesting observation. I hope this adds benefit to the conversation.
The demonstration (Turns 2-6 after the first air carve) is to exhibit the use of rotation at the end of the turn which brings the skis back under the hips, without relying on a high edge angle. Obviously being in the bumps allows the mogul to deflect the skis, and at the same time I am retracting my legs to absorb the impact. Both of these moves separately or together have the effect of slowing the skis down, while the hips are “allowed” to keep moving down the hill. I used rotation at the end of the turn to adjust my approach to the bump, and the beginning of the turn to adjust my line (steering angle) to guide me through the current turn.
Enjoy the clip:

One note to the viewer. Duke’s Run is an off camber slope, which drops to the skier’s left.
enjoy the conversation,

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