An Evolution in Affliate Marketing – Are you ready to Blastoff?

One week ago I received information that is way ahead of the curve. I feel the similarly to those who heard about Google “Ad-sense” prior to its release. Imagine if we were able to position ourselves on the business end of that market force. Ad-Sense a good way for website owners and bloggers to easily generate income through the addition of relevant content on their site. The Blastoff Network concept allows anyone in North America to have an even more explosive opportunity than Google Ad-Sense. It is really quite simple and amazing.

There is no question Social Media is a fixture in our global economy as we move forward:

I have used Ad Sense, Commission Junction as well as Amazon and Travel links to attempt cover my website costs. In some months it has worked and other months not made a cent. The reason is three-fold:
1) Limited site traffic
2) Ubiquity – the same or similar links are everywhere
3) People don’t like links that scream at them, and distract from the readability of the content
4) Timing wasn’t right for the information or the purchase
A new solution is Blastoff Network. This is a hybrid affiliate network system. A person can create their Blastoff Landing page as their homepage with personalized, relevant information. This is similar to iGoogle or myYahoo. They also have links to their Shopping Mall. Blastoff has created the affiliate network that literally pays back the buyer, rather than just the site owner and affiliate company.
You can see my Blastoff Network page.
When you are search for a product, services, etc online you can:
1) Go to your blastoff page (it’s free), and click on MALL.
2) Choose the type of product, then choose your favorite store. You will see the cash back discount each store offers.
3) You will be directed to the retailer’s or service provider’s website. As with any affiliate network program, cookies let the retailer know who to credit with the visit and purchase.
4) Blastoff pays you each month when your cashback balance is more than $20.

It is easy to get your blastoff page established. Your name and email is all that is required. This will be available on September 27th, 2009.
Although, anyone in North America can establish their page prior to this date as a member of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc . This VIDEO will offer more detailed information of the launch and rollout.
If you don’t currently have a web presence, I will soon be writing a way for someone to create a Free Blastoff Network site, get your own web domain (in which you will be paid), and a method of letting others know about your page. Even someone who has very little skill or knowledge on the web will be able to use this strategy. Prior to the next article, you can email me directly if you would like to know more.

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A second component is that if you share the Blastoff with a friend, then they get their own website. They get paid their cashback check, and you get a portion of a residual commission as well. This extends to 10 generations of Blastoff members. Several other affiliate networks currently extend to 2. (as a Pre-Paid Legal Associate this extends to 20 generations). Commissions only get paid when a purchase of a real product or service is sold, and this is figured into the negotiated referral structure from the retailer, as with any affiliate program. Some people will look to this as an opportunity for themselves to save on their current purchases and tell a few people they know. Others will look at it as an opportunity to share it with the world. Either way, it works.

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