And the winter rolls on…


This winter does not disappoint

DSCN0518.JPG This winter does not disappoint

We have enjoyed a very nice week in Breckenridge. Although the temps were cold on Monday through Wednesday, it provided for some great snow and very good and challenging ski conditions Thursday through Monday.
I traded Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday Dave Levinson and I went out with a few cameras and played on E-chair. I used it as a warm up to get ready for my week of teaching and skiing.
On Friday I skied with my “babes”. We ventured about the mountain. We entitled our clinic “Turning Sacred Cows into Hamburger”‘. We all have our preconceived notions of what are “Good” Movements. We addressed a number of these and asked, “does this move or thought serve us?” We then explored cause and effects of a number of movements.
On Saturday, we skied. The level 9’s didn’t want to hear too much yacking by me, so we set a focus early in the lesson of “getting some action” in the top of the turn. The main difference between advanced and expert/elite skiing is the type of ski/snow and body movements which occur before the fall-line. Most advanced skiers learn how to manage the pressure created by the mountain and a high edge angle at the bottom of the turn. Some do it well is most conditions. But when the snow conditions become deep or variable (windblown) the better skiers manage pressure and edge through the top of the turn.
We played with:
Leg Rotation from rotation of the femur inside the hip socket.
FlexING the inside leg and extendING the outside leg.
And “peeling” the snow from the mountain, rather than scraping it off the mountain.

On Superbowl Sunday we had a good group of skiers. We had three focuses in the bumps:
1) Finding larger lines in the bumps.
2) AdjustING and MaintainING a centered and functional stance in the moguls.
3) Cleaning up our “DIRT”
“D” – Duration of movements
“I” – Intensity of movements
“R” – Rate or Tempo of movements
“T” – Timing of movements
To a person, we tended to have movements which were too INTENSE and too short of DURATION of movements. This would lead to pivot and skid/scrape in the bumps… not a pretty picture
We were looking at a few more drawn out lines in the bumps which allowed us to dial down the intensity, draw out the duration, slow the tempo, and manage the timing of our movements down E-Chair bumps. As we improved our proficiency at slower speeds and wider turns, we then took those movements into shorter bump turns. And again we began to slay some sacred cows. Expert skiers are the ones who can adjust there lines rather than just skiing a rut line.
And that is about it for this week. I plan on taking a few days out of boot and relax. See you on Thursday.
Here is an AWESOME bonus video – Soliochairliftquist Anyone who skis as much as I do will appreciate this!

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