April 4, 2007

Whoopie! a fun day to ski with fun new folks! From the blues and greens of P9, to the steeps of Peak 7. A great day with two fun families.

Having fun with Alan, Isobel, Cara, Roger, Lorraine, James, and Alex.
The snow softened early in the day. We skied on P9 in the morning. A little groomed skiing, a (very) little bump skiing, and lots of fun cruising.
Enjoy the photo album

April 4th, 2007

The temps were in the 30’s all morning, however a little front rolled in before lunch and cooled us down before lunch.
We worked on tipping the inside foot. This move came in handy as the snow softened.

Looking over the back of Whale’s Tail toward Copper Mtn

After lunch, our group split 3 ways. Alex, James, and Kara joined me. We took a look into Needle’s eye (P9), then headed for the Imperial Chair. Whale’s Tail offered the best snow on the mountain. After skiing over the cornice, we headed to Magic Carpet and CJ’s. Absolutely awesome stuff.
It may have been the steepest skiing A, J, and K had ever done.
I look forward in skiing with you on Friday! I will put the movie together then.
have a great one tomorrow with Axe!

Mission Accomplished!

to your sliding success,

Cara. I remember you liked the first song on this video

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