April 5th was a fine day to be on the mountain

Whoowie! A fun spring day on the hill. Gotta love days like this.

The snow is amazing, especially for April. I was fortunate to ski with some fine skiers today. The Breck lesson pass really is an great deal. And spring in Breckenridge is the place to be. The elevation is high, the snow is still winter like above 11,000 feet.
Today I skied with Rich, Callum, Ed, Dan, and Al. I think we all had a very good time. We warmed up on Boundary Chutes, then skied a few in Horseshoe. But before the legs got tired we decided to hike. We skied Zoot, and Al dropped into Wacky Tim’s. The Snow was very good up there, and we scoped a number of other lines. We saved Crazy Ivan II for the afternoon (videos will come later). We also played around on Whale’s Tail, testing out a few Cornice drops (very fun).
Other lines we skied included CJs, Magic Carpet, and Tele.
It was also fun to see a Kevin Roup and a cool crew from Vail at the Summit of P8. Unfortunately they dropped of the North side rather than skiing to the Lake Chutes. Local’s knowledge!! Get back over here and we will give you a tour.
My mandate was to ski my crew hard, and offer a few tips as we skied along. I was more than happy to oblige. I look forward to getting more video from Dan.
Some coaching to remember:
1) Grip with the lower 3 fingers rather than the top two. It engages to core.
2) Hands in front of the body and below the shoulders. Hands at hip to thigh level is generally best when launching cornices.
3) Don’t just spot your landing when jumping or skiing crud. Rather ski THROUGH your landing or through your exit. Never just focus on the Crux. Ski through it!
4) Progressive and regressive edging rather than ON or OFF. Work with the snow, don’t hurt it.
Enjoy the movie of the Day!

2 thoughts on “April 5th was a fine day to be on the mountain”

  1. Thanks for the picture, Jonathan!
    Just so you know, we DID climb back up to do the Lake Chutes (you didn’t think we would leave Breck w/o shredding that face, did you?)
    CU on the slopes!

  2. Val,
    I am so happy to hear that. I would have had to give Roop a really hard time if he didn’t take you there.
    Thanks again for the message.

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