April 6, 2007 – more fun with Cara, James, and Alex

“Let’s ski the Windows”, was the first comment told to me by my skiers. So what is a teacher to do? It’s a beautiful day, with great north facing snow…

“Let’s ski the Windows”, was the first comment told to me by my skiers. So what is a teacher to do?
We warmed up on a cruiser, then skied into Inferno. James, Alex, and Cara weren’t quite ready for the windows just yet. Peak 8 was calling our name, especially George’s Thumb. Anything high and North facing was good. The past few days of snow treated the mountain quite well. We also sampled Debbie’s Alley and Zipper. That led us right into upper Ore Bucket. There was quite a bit of fun to be had.
After our water break, it was off to E-chair. The crew was certainly ready to ski The Windows. Window 5 holds quite an allure for me. Steep, narrow, bumpy, and fun. After a few turns in there, the waterfalls in the run out were skied very well by all of us. I took a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

“Let’s make a deal… You stop complaining for 1 hr, and you can’t say “Jump”, “Air”, or “Lake Chutes” Now that was quite the deal made by Alex (future Artist and Diplomat)

Team 2 (Alan, Isobel, Lorraine, and Roger) also skied higher places. Peak 9, then the summit of Peak 8. 13,000 feet above sea level, and 3,400 above the town of Breckenridge, Alan, Lorraine, and Roger made their first decent. They will never drive into town looking at the mountains the same way again.

April 6, 2007

After a fine lunch at Spencer’s, my crew ventured into the doors. Perhaps it was more than we bargained. Steep, treed, and narrow. The Doors are no ordinary tree runs.
We came down with wide eyes, and a desire to improve further.
It was a fun day, with the highlights being:
Making smooth turns and weaving through the bumps in the chutes, rather than colliding with bumps as we travel down the hill.
Skiing well on the upper mountain, especially George’s Thumb.
I look forward to continuing the adventure on Monday.
to your sliding success,

Enjoy the Video

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