April 8th – In the chair on a down morning

I have been away from the desk for the weekend. Thank goodness for a little skiing.

I needed the break over the past 4 days to just ski and trade small. I was a bit anxious last Thursday and Friday. In this case, time did heal.
On Tuesday morning the market did come in a bit. And it gave me some opportunity to unload a little bit. And Monday and Tuesday combined has increased my portfolio by 2+%, and my acct is touching on it’s all-time high again. Thank goodness. Gotta love Theta decay.
Also I just protected two more families with the PPL and Identity Theft Shield membership. Very nice! Things are clickin’.
Yesterday I picked up and sold a little.
CTXS – Bought 4 units of May/June @ .28 and .30. sold 2 units @ .38 on Tuesday
MRVL – Exited 2 units @ .25 and 1 @ .29. One more down day and I will exit the remainder of my 5 units.
FAST – sold 2 of 3 units of Apr/May 40p @ .35 and .37 for a .10 loss. I wasn’t able to get these done last week, even though the underlying price is now higher.
Notables on Tuesday morning. HON is off sharply this morning.I would love to see it drop another buck. And as of 8:45 I have 745 neg deltas with 342 positive Theta points.
Afternoon Trades:
DTV – added to 2 units of May/June for .29
FDX – 1 spread of Jul 95/80p for 4.15 @ 95.70. I was testing the waters on a down move with negative A/D line. After the Fed minutes came out very negatively, fuel prices at all time highs. I thought it may be a play on transports to the downside. Nothing much happened today.
HON – exited 1 55c calendar for 1.45. This was just a test, and I think someone probably fat fingered the trade.
I needed two days back to back like monday and tuesday. Up 1.6% on the day, and I am back to my accts all-time high water mark. I finished the day with 690 negative deltas, and 350 positive theta points.
Funny spoof video

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