EpicMix – GeoTagging, Geolocation, and Facebook updates live from the slopes

Vail Resort just announced EpicMix for the 2010-11 season.  Reliving your ski or snowboarding day into the evening.  Bejeweled has nothing on this.  The connection with Social Media should be fun for a number of uses.  I am excited to see how this is used by the skiers and riders.  It is a very compelling and free product.  However, having a pass with RF technology will allow VR to collect your daily usage data. For some people that is no problem. For others, we feel we don’t need to give this data if we choose not to do so.

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An Evolution in Affliate Marketing – Are you ready to Blastoff?

One week ago I received information that is way ahead of the curve. I feel the similarly to those who heard about Google “Ad-sense” prior to its release. Imagine if we were able to position ourselves on the business end of that market force. Ad-Sense a good way for website owners and bloggers to easily generate income through the addition of relevant content on their site. The Blastoff Network concept allows anyone in North America to have an even more explosive opportunity than Google Ad-Sense. It is really quite simple and amazing.

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3…2..1. BLASTOFF

I have seen the future. I hope my readers take advantage of the opportunity.

I can be quite the skeptic, however this may be the biggest no-brainer I have ever seen. It was nice to see that a company with 37 years of experience and given the honor of a Top 100 company in North America has done their due diligence in researching this upstart company.


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Is Credit Monitoring Worth Paying As Much As $15 Per Month?

Identity Theft Protection is undoubtedly important. However, many consumers have wondered whether Credit Monitoring services offered by Third Parties are worth the cost. Most times, such cost varies anywhere between $8 and $15 per month, depending on provider, and type of service.

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“Identity Theft Could Give Victim Criminal Record”

Over the next ten years, Dahlstrom was told he had crashed a rental car, run up a host of unpaid parking tickets, and was involved in a hit-and-run accident.
Just this last year, Dahlstrom received word from his local police department that there was a warrant for his arrest in California.

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The FBI has called it “The fastest growing crime in America.” Close to 10 million Americans every year are victimized by it and the costs are estimated at 50 billion dollars annually. Many criminals get off easy while the victims spend years working to restore their damaged credit reports and reputations. Worse yet, there seems to be no end in sight.

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