DewTour event in Breckenridge, December 19, 2009


I taught all day and had a good time with the Level 8 class.  The evening Skier Halfpipe is an INCREDIBLE event. Several thousand people smiling and excited for the event.  The athletes rose to the challenge.

My favorite Xavier Bertoni was awesome, but Josi Wells and Mike Riddle were better.  There were 12 finalists and I can certainly admire their go for broke approach.  The entire weekend event was awesome.
The temperatures were very pleasant and very little wind.  My wife “let” where my Christmas jacket early.  The Mammut jacket is like wearing a -40 sleeping bag.  I loved it!  And prior to heading over to the pipe we spent a little time enjoying the warmth of the Grand Lodge at Peak 7.  
I tried to get a few shots from different vantage points, and I succeeded.  The bottom of the pipe was high energy.  Since the kids couldn’t see, we decided to move it to the top of the pipe.  I love watching the athletes mentally prepare for their run.  Visualization is key.  Training and athletic ability is essential.
In case you missed the first post from the Freeski Halfpipe Qualifier, enjoy it.

1 Mike Riddle 93.00
2 Josiah Wells 91.50
3 Xavier Bertoni 90.75
4 Kevin Rolland 87.75
5 Justin Dorey 82.50
6 Simon Dumont 81.00
7 Matt Duhamel 76.25
8 Banks Gilberti 67.75
9 Dan Marion 60.25
10 Matt Margetts 50.2
11 Thomas Krief 46.00
12 David Wise 14.25


I hope you enjoy the video.  It was fun to shoot, and I feel it came out reasonable well.  

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