Easter Weekend 2008

I never get tired of skiing with cool people

1 month of skiing left in Breckenridge. It is hard to believe. It has been the best snow year in the fourteen years I have been here. Simply fun. Fortunately I was able to share the skiing on Saturday with Sarah, Sunday with John, Alex, and Thatcher. Then a great time on Tuesday with Jeff and Jacob, Brian, Michelle, and David.
We had sunshine, snow, and some wind Saturday through Monday. But on Tuesday it was great. Some wind up high, but the snow was fun in the bowls. Collectively we skied E-chair, southside of 10, Burn, Horseshoe, Imperial, Boundary Chutes, Whale’s Tail, and Peak 7. The best snow was found on the North and East facing slopes, but especially the bowls.
I met Jeff on the Epic Ski forums. He and Jacob have been enjoying the pictures and videos on the blog. Now they will star in one. It is my pleasure to put this together for everybody.
Tips to remember:
When skiing the steeper runs, the skier wants to actively engage the edges of the skis on the “Top of the turn”. The happens by turning the stripes. I like to feel the turning of the stripes to tip the ski on edge, and start the ski into the turn. This is not the same Twisting/pivoting the ski.
When skiing in chutes:
Use the width of the chute. Don’t start your first turn in the center of the chute (unless you have to), rather begin your first turn toward one side of the chute. Your transition will take place in the center of the chute, and then turning the stripes begins and you cross the center point. You will tip the ski and start the turn so that the “Apex” of the turn is at the other side of the chute. 1-2-3, repeat..
When skiing:
Have fun, smile, and enjoy the glide.
NOW, the video…

2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend 2008”

  1. John-
    Great video; you make it look like all I did was fall down! We of course did much more than that, and I’d like to thank you again for the wonderful lesson. I ended up coming back to Breck my last day on the slopes; 3/27. I took an all day lesson, ditching my mom in the process. Never the less, we both had a great time. Have a good last month of skiing!

  2. Jonathan,
    Thank you again for spending the day with Jacob and I. We had a blast. He’s ready to move to CO. You made a very favorable impression and he is showing the video to all that he will watch. I’m sure that we both became better skiers after spending the day with you and look forward to returning.
    Good luck to you and your family.

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