Feb 2nd through 9th, 2008 – Powder and Wind

This week was awesome early in the week. Later in the week the wind was up too, but the snow was fantastic.

The amount of snow and wind has been ridiculous. Snow everyday for a week. Anywhere from 3″ to 11″ everyday. Lots of upper level powder lessons. Lots of days on the first chairlift to get fresh tracks.
The weekdays have been slow for crowds. Saturdays have been busy. Either way, I have been fun skiing with my students. Over the next few weeks I will preparing for an International Convention with my company. I am eagerly awaiting new announcements and more information on the solution to Identity Theft and access to the legal system.
Every year Breckenridge Certified instructors get elements of their skiing verified. For me it was Tuesday Feb 5th. Although I didn’t video myself, I did pass with “Exceed”. Whew. I am looking forward to a strong couple months of skiing. This year we passed through January cold temps in good fashion. Rather than just being cold, it came with lots of snow. February has been that way too.
Enjoy the video of the week.

We don’t do this in my classes. I love the line “The boys took a beating on that one. That guy needs a hug.”

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