Feb 7th – Fade the moves

Choppy day, no net change in the portfolio. COF, AIG, AAPL

Today was a pretty wild early session. I was only in front of the computer for about 45 minutes, but it was thrilling. SP down 12 off the open, then back to even, then down 10, then up 10 then even, closing at up 10. Whew. Overall my acct was flat. I exited a few positions.
Not being around the computer is not conducive to me opening new trades. But this is what I did.
C- Exited remaining 27.5p Feb/Mar for .90. That was nice all profit as I rolled Jan to Feb last month for a .75 credit. I just added the .90 to that for a nice trade. I also exited the Feb/Mar 25p for .75. Originally purchased for .40. Very nice.
COF- I got scared and exited one of my June 45-30p spread for .3.75. I shouldn’t have done it. But I did make a small profit. I still have one unit on.
AIG – Exited my fourth of eight Feb 55/50/45 for 1.70. Excellent. I am preparing another AIG trade. The past two months have been great trading for AIG.
AAPL – Feb 110/105p credit spread for 1.40. That seems like a great bet with only 7 days to go.
I have a quite a few small positions, but nothing large. I would love to have more UST calendars.
It has been dumping snow here all day long. Awesome conditions.

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