February 8, 2007 Skiing Breckenridge with Geoff

The day was beautiful. It started off sunny, but to stay cool we headed for the upper lifts. Around 11:30 the clouds and wind started. No new snow yet.

A beautiful morning today. I was skiing with Geoff S. today. Geoff came with an important lesson for all lesson takers. Come with an idea of what you want to accomplish.
Geoff’s Ski Video

i.e. I’m getting into trouble in the bumps and crud. I tend to lean back when it gets steep. I want to ski from the Imperial Bowl, etc. Excellent preparation Geoff.
Today we changed movements, Big Time. Instead of a very close stance with a heavy down at the end of the turn with hip rotation to start the turn.
We widened the stance. Not to necessarily have a wide stance, but rather to not lapse into old movement patterns. It made it easier to isolate the legs and help them work independently. It also allowed Geoff to get a long leg short leg approach, which worked better on the groomed. In addition, it allows the skier to balance using Tipping, Flexing, Turning, and Counter-balancing movements.
Go to Video lesson Big Toe and Dorsiflexion
We also explored the concept of Apex to Apex Turning. Apex2Apex= The outside point of one turn and the outside point of the other turn. Instead focusing on the transition point (Finish to finish). The finish to finish can lead to a choppy turn entry.
After a brief brake we skied more of the mountain. Including a very windy ride up Imperial Chair. We skied the ridge and then into North Bowl. We then talked about “turning the stripes” and the power turning the legs properly could bring to the turn.
Go to the Video lesson Turning the Stripes
It was fun. In the afternoon I skied with two great ladies. Both had never skied before. Michelle and Amanda. Amanda came to the lesson with the experience of tumbling down the hill on her first try. And Michelle came with the thought that she wouldn’t like it. FORTUNATELY neither left that way. And Michelle was beaming. She said, “I love this!”.
Now that is a successful teaching day!
to your sliding success,

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  1. I really want to thank Jon for a terrific morning. I have never had an instructor zero in as Jon did on what can make a huge difference. Truly, the 3 hrs he provided enough (3) tips that improved my skiing 10 fold. I was able to take on Peak 8 and the “burn” on peak 10 wihtout any hesitation! – Highly recommend Jon and will again ask for further techinique improvements upon my next visit! – Jon good luck this winter with your tryouts !

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