For my friends, students, and visitors to Breckenridge

I love fall in the Rockies. And I secured a great deal on lodging for my students

Last season was an outstanding snow year. A little on the cold side, but the snow was incredible. Through this blog I was able to journal dozens and dozens of ski days with my students. It has been a blast. I look forward to continued skiing with current students and friends, and future students.
I have been busy running 5mi+ daily in the midst of trading days. I have found a few fun mountain trails that take me through the Aspen. I have included a few pictures from a run I was on Friday Sept 19th. After a dramatic trading week, which ended unchanged, I needed an extra long run. Enjoy the shots.

Last year my wife and I purchased a ski-in ski-out timeshare, The Grand Lodge at Peak 7. This is used by us for a number of reasons. Great location, unlimited day use, and a nice sitdown lunch area for me and my students. I would have made several thousand dollars more by having access to wi-fi in the middle of a trading day. And The Grand Lodge has that amenity for me to use. And the idea of heading over to the hot tubs apres-ski is a very nice thought.

I say that to say, I have worked out a deal with the Gold Point Lodging (owner of Grand Timber and Grand Lodge) to offer special rates for out of state guests in on mountain lodging. I know a few people took me up on it last year and got amazing deals. Crazy stuff… like $200 total for 5 nights. The catch is… a 2 hr timeshare tour at the Grand Lodge.. not a bad deal actually. The sales folks are low key. The friends who went on the tour last year, told me there was little pressure and the tour was less than the allotted time.

Call 888.783.8883 x3046 to reach The Grand Lodge information/booking. When you talk with them say, “An owner, Jonathan Lawson said I should call to see what lodging packages you are offering.” That will ensure you get the best prices possible.

We can only hope this year will be close to last year. Kept my skis waxed and de-burred, but I didn’t need to take a file to them until late April.
If you live in Colorado, and want to go on a run or a ride give me a call. I get out nearly everyday and it always great to meet new friends. I certainly hope you enjoy the blog. And if so, keep visiting!
This is some of the stuff I live for…

If you would like the info, just drop me an email or a comment.

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