Happy Halloween – Fed – No Tricks, No Treats

The market got what it expected, but made some unusual moves anyway.

Adjustments and more. The Fed did as expected .25 pts. grinding higher in the morning, off after the fed and then BOOM… toward the top of the channel. My Index positions (SPY and IWM) were skewed slightly to the upside, and other calendar positions may benefit from some volatility adjustment.
So what did I do today.
ALKS- exited completely. 2 units @ of Jan/Feb 17.5p for .17, and 2 units of 15p calendar for .20. I bought both of these quite awhile back for .05. Nice little trade.
UTHR -sold 1/2 unit of 75p calendar sold for .90. Wow, what a jump. We are approaching earnings for UTHR. I bought these for .10 last week. 800% gain in a week on this last unit.
UNG – Sold 39p for .45, sold 41p for .93, and levered up to a 42p for .1.28. This was an excellent adjustment. Nat Gas exploded up today ($1.75), Now my minimum gain is 311 per 100shares. I still am short a 44c. I like this set up.
PDLI – sold 4 units of 20p calendar for .15. That should guarantee profit on this series of trades. 20p, 22.5p, 25c
EK – sold 1 unit of 27.5p calendar for .35. I took a quick 50% profit pre-earnings. If “they’re” going to give me that out, I will take it. I do think this will grow and be a good long term trade.

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