MSP is pleased to announce a benefit to PSIA and AASI-RM instructors

I am pleased to announce as a benefit to PSIA-Rocky Mountain (Professional Ski Instructors of America, and AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) for the Rocky Mountain Division.

As an included membership benefit, PSIA-RM will offer a personal blog to all active PSIA and AASI members.


Our intention at is to offer a full-featured blogsite and industry newsletters to snowsport instructors and snowsport organizations worldwide. These Professionals in turn create content which is useful and beneficial to their students, members, and snowsport enthusiasts.
Here is the link for the pro to get their own blog… SIGN ME UP AT NO COST
Our Vision: To provide the guest skiers at Rocky Mountain ski resorts quality and consistency in the instruction they receive from our professional Membership
Our Mission: To provide excellence in education and membership services while maintaining fiscal responsibility and promoting professionalism to the public and the ski industry.
Our Culture: To work together as a team and as role models for the division. We support each other and share common beliefs about our jobs and about skiing. We are accountable for maintaining top-quality clinics and exams which uphold the standards of ski instruction as outlined in our Educational Master Plan.


We at MSP are pleased to announce a free lifetime blogsite for all active PSIA-RM and AASI-RM instructors.
As a benefit to PSIA and AASI members from other divisions we are reducing the price to $34.99/yr. (Regular $59.88/yr)
We would also like to partner with other divisions, Ski and Ride Schools, and snowsport teaching organizations worldwide for the upcoming season. Contact us for more information.


Again we would like to welcome the professionals at the Rocky Mountain Division office for their support of the membership and the rollout of the MSP benefit for all division members.
Sharing the dream as a PSIA Professional since 1991,
Jonathan Lawson

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