Creating your internet business for less than $10/yr.

I will share a simple way for anyone to build a very low-cost, yet highly professional internet business.

This is the first time it has been available to anyone at this level of ease and professionalism. Blastoff Network allows such an avenue. This will work for individuals and organizations (Profit and not-for-profit businesses).
On October 26th, the Blastoff Network launches to everyone. Prior to the official launch there is a pre-launch available to those who register for their free site through a Pre-Paid Legal Services Associate. Visit for more information.
What is Affiliate marketing 1.0? It required that you have a current website and subscribe to affiliate programs.

Blastoff Network (Absolutely FREE) is Affiliate Marketing 2.0. They create the website, and you get to customize your page. They have already contracted with merchants, and have created systems for you to start immediately.
Your website will be
A Sample Page
This will offer many more options than shopping. It is a great homepage with your own selected news and webpage feeds. It also offers free on-demand video, and access to your social media sites.
When you have your free website, you may earn dollars in several ways:
1) Cash Back when you shop
2) Commission when other people shop your site.
3) Commission when people replicate their site from your site and shop.
4) Commission when people shop their replicated site, from someone who replicated your site.

If you want to fine tune your online business a bit more, here is a way to personalize it.
Once you have your Free Blastoff site, then go to the Mall and shop @ and:
1) Buy a domain name. i.e., forward your domain to your Blastoff site.
2) You can also pick up a second “.info” URL and forward people to to help them understand the concept of Blastoff Network.
Assuming you bought it probably cost you $10.60 at Your Blastoff Network Cash Discount returns you 12% cash back, which brings your Domain name cost to around $9.50.
I created one here

Blastoff offers several great free tools to help you spread the word about your business. There is an easy to use tool on your Blastoff Network website which can load your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, YahooMail, and Outlook contacts to inform them about your Blastoff website.
Again, all of this is free. And lest you think this is done through simply good will of Blastoff, their reasoning is certainly profit centered. If we have Blastoff as our homepage, and do our shopping online through the Blastoff Network web portal we ALL receive cash back, you and your contacts and Blastoff. This can be the ultimate win, win, win.
So the basic steps again:
1) Go to
2) In the left hand corner enter your name and email address, press join
3) Create your Blastoff Network username/password
Personalization steps:
1) Go to your MALL on your page and click
2) Search for your URL/Domain Names
3) Forward your new Domain to your Blastoff Network page
Marketing Steps:
1) Use the Blastoff Tools to send your contacts your site
2) Let your contacts know they can do the same thing.
This is the easiest way I have ever seen to build a real internet business.
THE CATCH – Within 6-18 months vast numbers of people will have their Blastoff sites. For this to work for you in large scale it is important that you implement this rapidly. You will want to have the first sites which get replicated.
Are you ready to Blastoff?

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