Jan 6 – one of the best days so far

Great snow and fun company. Thanks John, Lee, and Nora

Great snow in Breckenridge. The snow report said 4″. The news media was telling the public, don’t drive if you don’t need to do so. And memories of two thousand drivers being stranded on I-70 all contributed to low crowds. That was fine with us. The T-bar was packed early, but Chair 6 was not a problem at all.


I was very pleased to ski with John N, and Lee today. At level 8, today was a fun test. How many times does one get to ski 7″-10″ of untracked/lightly tracked until noon. It was a blast. We worked on Turning the Stripes and feeling our skis flex throughout the turn, and rebound as we move into the next turn.
We skied Chair 6 in the morning, and in the afternoon Nora joined us to ski Peak 10. We played on Blackhawk and the upper Burn. In the upper burn we played with some ideas of skiing chutes. Specifically, as we enter a chute we started our turn by having the first turn start on one of the edges of the chute, rather than starting in the middle and only having half the width of the chute to complete a turn. This tactic at the entrance to the chute sets us up for success.
We had a great day to experiment with the new snow. It is still snowing on Sunday night, and I am ready for another great on the snow on monday.
Now for the video!

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