Jan 7-11.08 – A good and busy week

A fun, windy, and snowfilled week

I am just getting around to posting some picts. I will have more to put together.
All week has been on the cold side, but fortunately with the cold has come the snow. It is soft everywhere on the hill. I have taught skiing round bump lines, bombproof stancing through the bumps, and pogosticking powder turns. Oh, yeah who could forget Aikido Skiing. Creating functional tension in the core, and gripping the pole grips with the the lower three fingers, as that connects arms and torso to the core.
Pictures from Monday the 7th:


On Thursday, the temps and wind kept us off the Imperial Chair. We had E-chair providing some great snow in Inferno and Mineshaft. Falcon, although a windy lift ride gave us access to the southside (Blackhawk and Quiver were especially good), and the Burn.
Here are some of the picts on Thurs:


On Friday, I skied with The Babes on Bump girls. We were greeted with what the resort said was 3 inches. Well if you count above my bootcuff being 3″. You get the idea. Lots of snow. We didn’t really focus much on bumps, it was all about powder. Runs like upper 4 o’clock ,Upper Boneyard, and Ore bucket held particular interest. Everybody was pleased when we found Wirepatch and Lincoln Meadows for some great cruising in the afternoon.
We played with ideas of core tension as well. Because of the deep (but not heavy snow) we work with bouncing to get the feeling of compressing the snow under the bases of our skis. Pressure control movements are much more effective than rotary or twisting movements when skiing wide open blue powder fields. Creating a pogostick motion rather than pedaling motion (carving) is more effective, especially at slower speeds.
I will post a Babe specific lesson notes soon.
Here are some picts of the powder on Friday:
they will be here soon, issues with the uploader

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