January 12-14, 2007 Varied and fun in Breckenridge

There was some fun to be had through MLK weekend. The fun started Thursday. Snow Thursday night.

In addition to skiing daily, the past few days have been very busy with my Prepaid Legal Business. Protecting those I know from Identity Theft is a big duty. www.myidt123.com for more info.
That said, I have the goods now. On thursday I was skiing with a few folks I had skied with a week ago. There were some nice improvements. Steve, Jim, Rob, and Meg. It was fun to watch you improve throughout the day. We skied bumps, and even a run down Eagle’s Nest in the Horseshoe Bowl.
On Friday I skied with the Babes in the Bumps. It wasn’t an official “babes” day with the MLK weekend. Although, Lynn Solomon came through and we skied with 9 ladies. I am so impressed with this group. You can read more about the babes in their section on my blog.
On Saturday, I changed gears a bit. It was time to help skiers get comfortable skiing. With only a few days of skiing under their belts. Chris, Gayla, May, Katheryn, and Kristina gained comfort very quickly throughout the morning. In the afternoon it was time to explore.
We went up 5-chair, then down Sawmill. It was so fun to watch everybody gain comfort as they began to slide.
We wrapped up the day cruising. Where at the beginning of the day some were nervous, at the end of the day there were smiles abound.
We did not have as much snow from this week’s storm. Probably 6 inches. Beaver Creek received 16″ on thursday night. Bummer for us. Although, we will get ours soon enough.
There is good skiing to be had. The crowds have been much lower than expected. Perhaps it was the colder temps in Denver, perhaps the new media hyping the storm. But either way, it has been fun to ski with minimal lines.
January 14th, was cold. 7* most of the day. The skiing was good. But cold. I taught instructor clinics all morning. It was fun. We worked on info in the latest Video Lesson.
Jan 15th temperature update: as of 7:45am it is -10, with light snow. Bundling up today! I was out to breakfast with a business partner of mine from PPL. On the way back to the house, here were a few shots. There is definately beauty at 10 below. No need to complain about the cold. I was thinking how few people are seeing these sites, because they are negative about the cold.
to you sliding success,

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