January 18th, 2007

We are starting of “warmer” this morning. 7* at 7:15. No new snow over night, but the wind velvet should still be great on the upper mountain. Very fun group today!

We are starting of “warmer” this morning. 7* at 7:15. No new snow over night, but the wind velvet should still be great on the upper mountain.
I will be teaching today, and getting some new video at lunch. I hope to bring you more tonight.
First of all, those in my group knew I made an Option trade I made at lunch. IBM 95 Feb/Apr 95 put Calendar spread. Well, as planned IBM released very good earnings after the close, yet the stock took a dump! Horray. That paid for daddy’s new shoes! After hours IBM was trading at 94+. I took a cue from Apple’s very good earnings and similar result.
Anyway, back to the important stuff. SKIING!! As expected, it was a chilly day. What was not as expect was the group I was able to ski with today. I was coming into work expecting to lead a clinic. At the last minute I was asked to ski with a group of folks at level 7. I went over to meet everyone. As we approached 10am, the group size grew quickly. From 6. to 9. Hmmm. What to do. Well, as a trainer I better figure this out quick. How do I keep the group together and at the same time provide an environment of learning? And then make sure everyone gets some personal skiing feedback?

Well somehow we did it. It was a fantastic day of skiing. Skied from Duke’s Run, Peerless, High Anxiety, Duke’s, Way out, and Horseshoe Bowl. Yet the highlight of the day was a ride up the Imperial Bowl, and down Whale’s tale (including a quick primer on rolling over a cornice!). Then we skied down Vertigo. Awesome snow the entire way down.

What allowed a group of Level 7’s (actually high 6’s to low 8), to ski double black terrain? Well, good snow was helpful. But skill wise we worked a few mechanics and ideas of “engaging” the snow early in the turn.
Specifically, we practiced tipping the outside ski gradually from 1 edge, through neutral (flat ski), up on the new edge. Gradually increasing and decreasing edge angle. This smoother turn entry was critical in helping us ski some very steep terrain. It also helped us in Bumps greatly. Instead of using the bumps and points to decrease speed, we used them and “pass through” points. Getting the skis to skid on the snow near the top of the turn, rather than brake hard at the bottom of the turn, allowed us to control our speed. It also allowed our turn shape to guide us where we wanted to go on the mountain.
Much better to use friction (or lack thereof) to control speed, rather than the shape of the turn.
After the P7 experience, several members of the group were satisfied. We did a few more runs, including Horseshoe which included a spectacular slide for life. Hope came up mostly smiles. Hope, you had my heart pumping there.
Anyhow, it was a great day. I look forward to skiing with everyone again in the near future.
to your sliding success,

3 thoughts on “January 18th, 2007”

  1. Jon –
    Absolutely a Great lesson today! Thanks. I’ve already told some of the other Sunday Volunteers about your website, camera, etc.
    I really enjoyed getting through all that varied terrain today. “Who’d a thunk” that a level 7 class would see that variety. Thanks a lot! You have a fan.

  2. Jim,
    thank you very much for the compliment. My idea of a lvl 7 is improve the skills and then go explore. I look forward to skiing with you again.
    I like creating fans:) Keep tuned to the site, I plan on adding more videos and lessons.
    thank you,

  3. Great day. Learned a lot and emjoyed the extra stretch runs of the PM. Also you have some great stuff on this page. Will make use of this as we go forward. Best Bob.

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