January 20-26, 2008. Upper Mtn fun. Lots of Snow, lots of sunshine

And amazing week to be in Breckenridge. Snow and Sunshine, with little midweek crowds.

It was a very good week to be skiing in Breckenridge. On Sunday I was able to ski with Olivia. Her goal was to ski the Lake Chutes. She has skied most of the main places in Breckenridge, but has missed the Lake Chutes. Being the gentleman than I am, we geared up for the Lakes.
We did two Laps, one in Nine Lives, and the other in the Zoot Chute. The snow was excellent, as we received a nice dump on Saturday. In fact, it snowed Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Superb.


Thursday was a treat, as I skied with Carol and Frank B, Kent M, Jud and Charlene F, Gerard B, Ed and Mark M. It was an upper mountain wonderland. Sidewinder, Imperial, Whale’s Tail, Magic Carpet, Goodbye Girl, and Horseshoe Bowl.
On Friday was a great day with my babes group. We worked on our powder skills for the day. Then on Saturday we really struck gold. Friday night’s wind and snow provided an awesome day in Breckenridge. Although there were lots of people in Breckenridge, we managed to find some excellent snow. Even some midday untracked snow.


Enjoy the Video:

One thought on “January 20-26, 2008. Upper Mtn fun. Lots of Snow, lots of sunshine”

  1. Jonathon,
    Saturday was one of the best days I’ve ever had skiing. Thanks for a great time on the mountain, and for showing us some of the “hidden gems” of Breck.

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