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This is a test…
This was a run on three different pitches at Breckenridge. Horseshoe Bowl, Cucumber Bowl, and Duke’s Gully.
Another fun video is contained on this link.

I have been having a blast with this blog over the past two years. You will probably find a number of topics on this page. I have very diverse interests, and many of them can be found throughout the page. I keep a “Daily Journal” during the ski season and some choice summer and autumn days. Further down the page you can find how to contact me or book a private lesson through Breckenridge. Because Vail Resorts (VRI) owns Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail, and Beaver Creek you can book a lesson through Breckenridge and ski at any of the VRI resort. I make a point of know each of those area well.
Other sections include my Trader Journal. From 2002-2005 I was a professional futures trader in the Treasury and Currency arena. But as I wanted to further continue one of my passions of teaching skiing, I looked for another type of trading that would allow me to maintain different trading strategies. I found option trading to allow me incredible flexibility with time frames and strategies. I keep a journal on a number of trading topics. Enjoy.
Finally, I have a number of video lessons, Breckenridge area information, and my now famous RANT section. The rants put me in a little hot water over the past two years, but enjoy them anyway.
HPIM2324.JPGJon Lawson @ 13,000 feet

It is often asked of an instructor, “Who do you prefer to teach? My answer is: A person who wants to learn and have fun while doing it. Being an ski instructor since 1991, I have taught 2 yr olds, teens, top athletes, desk jockeys, moms, executives, grandparents, and great grandparents. A good attitude and a desire to find something new is all that is required. In 1999 I was certified as a PSIA-RM Accredited Trainer. I typically teach instructors at least one day a week as well as teaching my regular and new ski clients.
I have switched some of my equipment this year (2008-09). I am keeping the Nordica Hot Rod TOP FUEL as my core ski, and I will be adding the Nordica Hellcat to my quiver. I have been skiing Nordica Speedmachine boots for the past 3 years. But this year I am making the switch back to Lange World Cup 120s. I look forward to giving them a go. I am bound to be putting my bootshoppe Surefoot through their paces as I dial the boots in. When you make it to the store, tell them JonLaw sent you.
Always feel free to comment or email me Summit County, Breckenridge, Vail Resorts questions. For that matter, feel free just to drop a line or make a comment on the site. Rest assured, I do read all the comments/emails.
Enjoy the site, and the lifestyle,
Jon Lawson

These are some concept from Weems Westfeldt from the Ski Schools of Aspen. I have been using this framework in my ski teaching since 2000-01. He truly is a Master Instructor, and this is excellent to understand.

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  1. I really want to thank Jon for a terrific morning. I have never had an instructor zero in as Jon did on what can make a huge difference. Truly, the 3 hrs he provided enough (3) tips that improved my skiing 10 fold.
    I was able to take on Peak 8 and the “burn” on peak 10 without any hesitation! – Highly recommend Jon and will again ask for further technique improvements upon my next visit! – Jon good luck this winter with your tryouts !

  2. Thanks Jon,
    great lesson & Kaity was very happy with the result
    look us up in NYC or see you next time we’re in Colorado

  3. Hi Jon!
    I love your big toe exercise! It works like a charm! I’ve used it in many intermediate level lessons when I’m trying to get the kids to match their skies earlier in the turn. I have them lift the big toe up and in the direction of their turn, and then keep reaching for the sky with all of their toes on that same foot after turn initiation to help steer the ski to match the new downhill ski. Works great!
    I also used this same exercise during my Level II exam this past weekend. (I passed!!) I had to teach steering, edging and pressure. Your tip covers all three! The group and the examiner thought it worked well too!
    Anne E. Mattack

  4. I ran across your site and the subject instructional videos earlier this week via the Barking Bear Forums and thought I should send you a note.
    I am an advanced Eastern skier (old-school 45 yrs, with suspect knees) from Ottawa Ontario, Canada who has been out about 75 times in the last 3 seasons after a 12 year layoff. I decided that my goal for this winter was to make a conscious effort to learn and apply the necessary skills to improve and update my “game” in all areas … primarily carving.
    Although I have been quite happy with my progress, I felt that there was something that I was missing with regards to carving my turns. After watching the Big Toe video, it occurred to me that this may be the answer to initiating my turns on the inside ski with ease and confidence. After I watched the Stripes video I thought that this could be the answer to enable me to initiate these turns without major stress to the knees !! I couldn’t wait to try it on the hill. Heck I even practiced those moves whenever and wherever I could … even in supermarket checkout line.
    I actually tried it out on the hill Sunday for about 6 hrs at Mont Tremblant (Quebec) and all I can say is what a difference it makes. It really came together out there and the added bonus is my knees feel great ! We are off to Whiteface for four days tomorrow so I am really anxious to keep working this as I know it’s gonna get even better with repetition and practice.
    Although there is alot of really great and not so great information available online and in books in the public library, it sure can get confusing. I am a visual learner and the points you brought up in both videos, combined with the demos made perfect sense to me which enabled me to understand what I was doing wrong.
    I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for a job well done.
    Keep up the great work Jonathan, and take care of yourself and your family.
    PS: I will continue to check out your site as you no doubt will be coming out with more great material that will help me and many others.

  5. Jon-Here’s my comments on the intermediate zone clinic on 1/20.
    As with every clinic we pick up on different parts of the clinic based on our experiences and what we individually can relate to. I absorbed quite a bit from the clinic and was able to use what I obtained in my lessons the following day. First, I really liked the idea of ,if you can’t figure out what your student is doing wrong follow behind them. I was able to see where my student was getting out of neutral stance and she consequently corrected her technique.
    Second, the picking up the toes in the boot in which the direction you want to go, releasing the pressure!
    Trying to work not just on the technique but also in other portions realms of mind and body.
    As a first year instructor I feel bombarded by models and theories.
    Seeing those models implemented
    helps make those principals a little more palatable. Anyway
    great day, Thanks for helping me
    grow as instructor.
    Kenn Lee

  6. Jon –
    Absolutely a Great lesson today! Thanks. I’ve already told some of the other Sunday Volunteers about your website, camera, etc.
    I really enjoyed getting through all that varied terrain today. “Who’d a thunk” that a level 7 class would see that variety. Thanks a lot! You have a fan.

  7. Phil,
    thanks for the comment. Opening day is about a month away. If we have good early snow the bowl should be open by Christmas. Peak 8 usually opens around Dec 15th.
    This is the time to get the body in shape for the season.

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