March 8 & 9 – On the mountain with the 9’s

It was a good weekend to play with friends.

It was a great weekend with a skiers that I call friends. There is nothing like skiing with skiers who enjoy skiing the mountain, and work on a few parts of their skiing.
The Breckenridge Lesson pass is an excellent product for many dedicated skiers. The pass allows frequent skiers join us on lessons Thursday through Sunday on a many of the season’s weekends. Some classes want lots of instruction, others prefer some coaching as week explore the mountain. This weekend both classes preferred the latter.
Saturday’s snow and poor visibility at the Summit drove us toward the trees. Windows and E-chair were favorites in the morning. Once the weather broke in the afternoon, we took it to the summit. Horseshoe and Cucumber Bowls provided the terrain. Graham, Carrie, Alan, Steve, Janice, and Jodi provided the fun.
On Sunday, it was flat out gorgeous. Blue skies with a horizon of white clouds provided a fantastic back drop. Although our group was on the large side. Everyone was very respectful of each other. Our warm up run was on Debbie’s Alley. After that we were ready to explore the land of Snow White. We made the hike, then headed over, while taking a tour of the Lake Chutes. Adam dropped into Crazy Ivan. The rest of us headed to a roll in cornice at the far end of Snow White. The snow was pretty nice. Not deep, just enjoyable.
We did quite a bit of Peak 7 Skiing today. One of our group focuses was the airplane turn. How to properly roll over ridges. Not landing on the same edge as you take off on, but rather having an edge change take place in the air. Similar to the Air Carve, but more designed for big mountain skiing.
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We skied fun and challenging terrain while enjoying each others company, and hopefully learning quite a bit.
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