May 27 – back from a 3 day weekend

I like the possibility of volatility in an sideways market, I am gearing my portfolio in that manner.

I needed that weekend. A good time to relax. Lots of family time was shared.
It is a low volume day. And the SPY rose to R1 resistance today.
Today I followed up on a large position in KO.
KO – I am at a near full 4% allocation. 15 units of July/Aug 57.5p and July/Aug 60p calendar spread for between .30-.32 and .28-.30 respectively. There is a 2.3% vol skew in the front month and a channel which fits between the trade’s breakevens 55.80 and 62.
NSM – 1% allocation and 4 units of the Jun/July 20p for .23.
AEE – Sept 40p for .75. I received a nice edge in the bid/ask spread, and the chart looks good. purchased @ 45.65 stops set @ 46.51, and profit stops @ 38 by June 11.
JASO – Dec 20/30 for 3.40. Purchase @ 21.80. Stops @ 21.25, target 32 by Nov 4.
SPY – sold two units of June 144/142 credit spread for .57 with SPY @ R1 resistance 138.9.
PM – exited 1 unit of 50c calendar for .15.
I have a number of other positions I am looking to, but with the light volume, there are fewer edges than I prefer.

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