May 28, 2007 – The Summer so Far

The summer has just begun. There is more to do in the summer than in the winter. Breck is a pretty nice place.

Ok, A-basin is still open for business. I have heard the skiing is pretty decent. But for me, 100+ days is ok with me. I am shifting into summer mode. Getting my PrePaid Legal business rocking. Getting more active with my trading (daily, weekly, and monthly time frames). And getting myself flexibility for golf and endurance for biking.


It is also fun to go out for hikes and on Lake Dillon with the family.
What is there to do up here during the summer time? Actually lots more than the winter. I will be putting it down in writing on this site. Certainly stay tuned. Memorial day is the start of summer in Summit County. Here we go!!!

2 thoughts on “May 28, 2007 – The Summer so Far”

  1. Glad that summer is starting because it is that much closer to fall. I cannot wait for the leaves to start changing. But I live in Phoenix so summer pretty much sucks. It is much nicer in the mountains.

  2. Thanks for the pictures. It is neat to see Breck transform from Winter to Summer. Keep up the good work! Fred

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