Nice gift for select employees


This is worthy of an “ataboy”. Breck worked out a deal to get a specific number of Walk-EZs. There was a limited supply for first-come, first-serve FT employees. These work very well. They are basically Cat tracks on steroids. They come with their own lock so you don’t have to carry them in your ski jacket or backpack. They are sturdy and offer good traction.
Breck Ski School worked with Walk-EZ to get the staff on them.
I like ’em and will recommend them. Cat tracks were ok, but those who use them know the modifications needed to make them work much better. i.e. string loop on the heal.
Pros: I these look professional. Solid. Rocker sole for easier walking. Superior to cat tracks in design. They are more secure in fit, and won’t fall off the boot.
Cons: If they were in my pocket, I wouldn’t want to fall on these while skiing. If I lock these up an the base, they are perhaps 1 more thing to forget. Losing cat tracks are no big deal.
thanks for going to bat for us Mgmt. And thank you Walk-EZ for making a very good product.

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