Nov 2 – Needed some time off

I am looking forward to the weekend

It was a very busy week with some radical volatility. I liked having the second half week being down, and not having a bullrun like the one after the last fed meeting. However, with all the trading I did, the acct ended up only about 1/2 percent higher ( up 28 weeks in a row). I guess I feel fortunate because it is better than the alternative of being down. I did cash out on a number of trades on thursday and friday for very nice gains, the flatness in my acct is mainly due to positions I am holding loosing some value at the end of the week.
Today there was quite a shuffle. I had a few issues that dropped to the lower end of my calendar trading range.
LOW- I flipped over 300 27.5p spreads on friday. There was about a 10 minute window in which I was buying at .17 and selling at .26. Back in forth trading 20, 30, and 40 lots. I racked up some commissions, but some modest profits as well. I have about 1/2 my full allocation through the weekend, I will try to pick up a full allocation on Monday, and I may add the 15p calendar for some downside protection.
EK – It was beautiful all day, I go for a 2 hr drive and it fell off the table. I sold my 27.5p Nov/Dec calendar when I returned. I managed to eek out a .05 after commission profit, but I was still disappointed. My 1/4 allocation of the Dec/Jan 30c spread lost value as did the 27.5p. After the close the issue rose back to 27.50. What a headfake.
UNG – This trade has been a peach. I had the opportunity to make my adjustment during a pull back. I bought back my 44c and sold the 46c against it. I opened a window for another 200 in profit. My 38p has locked in some profit as well. Volatility increased on Friday, that was good for selling the 46c.
Updated Risk Graph for the UNG collar
TLT – I sold the 20+ yr bond fund in the morning. On Thursday I earned the monthly .39 dividend, and sold the stock for a .42 profit. I could have made another .50, but my objective had been met. (appreciation and dividend)
ADM – Bought 3 units of the Dec/Jan 35p calendar for .25 and as low as .24. I like the consolidation here. I wanted to have this quarter allocation on prior to the weekend. I am going to do some more research over the weekend and I will post when I am done.
This will be my weekend to look over a number of the Dec Calendars. There will be about 45 days until Dec Expiration, and that is about my perfect time frame for a traditional calendar spread. The push in the VIX and earnings season should add a little pump to the time premium I will be selling.
I will also be reviewing my USB (triple so far) and NVLS (double so far) positions. Right now they are excellent.

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