Nov 9th – Rockin’ Friday, and I am glad the week is over.

Breck opens, the market goes south. And these are mutual exclusive of one another.

Breck opens today. Pre-weekend AM selloff. I am a buyer of December Calendars.
The market was off hard on the open, recovered and then ended on its lows. Does a person really want to pick a direction in the market here? I think we will see a rebound as the Nasdaq approaches the bottom of the channel and syncs with the rest of the indicies. I am sure there are a number of people that are profitable this week. I am fortunate to say I am one of them, but it was tough.

We need mother nature’s snow, but as I looked up to the mountain I remembered some of the days last winter. Enjoy the video.

My Trades:
USB – Dec/Jan 32.5c sold 1 unit for .25. I still have 8 units, and I will buy some back if I can get them for around .15
SKS – bought 1 unit Dec/Jan 20p for .15. Looking for more, and a hedging calendar as well.
IMG_0222.JPG IWM – Bought 100 sh @ 76.69, then 77.25 on a slight pullback after a trend break. Sold 100 @ 77.60, then the other @ 77.38. I was playing a symetrical triangle breakout with tight stops. This was not so much as a huge winner, as it was getting the nerve back up to trade directionally and trust my instincts.
Here is a parting thought:
Now that ski season is officially here, I will get to “workout” on the hill daily. One of my students is a personal training and wellness coach and runs a very informative blog. Check out Andrea Gaines blog and enjoy the information. I especially like the information on the Afternoon pick me up. An extra 100 calories a day leads to an extra 10 lbs a year… That explains alot.

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