Oct 24- Somedays you feel like a nut, somedays you don’t

Hot damn, somedays it just works out. I strategies where I just hope the market shuffles around.

Hot damn, on somedays it just works out. The Market is getting crushed in the morning session. I have placed some bullish directional bets on certain issues. Bullish on interest rate instruments (TLT), and on Nat Gas (UNG and PBH). I am generally bearish on the market, but I am not playing that, rather my calendar trades are working well today (actually all summer and fall too.)
The Summit County weather is beautiful. 36* mid-morning. Just thinking of some skiing. This was a mid-winter day with a couple of my students

Trades entered today:
TLT – iShares 20+ yr bond trust. I bought it on the breakout 100sh @ 90.61. It is up nicely. As uncertainty increases, so should this issue. This also pays a 4.57% dividend (1/12 paid monthly). Interest and appreciation, ya gotta love it.
ADM – Exited 1 unit Nov/Dec 35p for .41. I bought these for .25, but I don’t like the way the chart is looking, so I will take my profit and be pleased.
UTHR – In and out in a day for a great profit on this trade. I put the trade on (3 units for .10) before I went to lunch, then during lunch I exited the first level @ .40. I walked into one of the local ski shops and they had a summer sale on the skis I have been on for 2 years. I wanted to get a new pair, as my Nordica Top Fuels have more than 220 days on them. The price ticket said $620 reduced from $1100. I thought not bad, but that is just about what I get them for Pro Form. Then I received a phone alert for another unit sold @ .45, NICE. Then he told me, “Oh, we have these on sale on Ebay for $450 (skis and bindings). Would you want them for that price?” About 5 seconds after he said that my phone went off for my third level, .50″ Damn, it was just meant to be. I used about 1/3 of my profit on that trade for ski equipment for the year. Very Nice!
Trade updates –
UNG – up nicely from yesterdays low due to a lowered Nat Gas inventory report. This doesn’t offer a dividend, but I like this chart as we move into fall and winter.
PGH – is about a scratch, but it does earn about 1.2% a month in Dividends. That is fine with me, however I do like the Gartley Pattern that this trade has exhibited.
NVLS – the Nov/Dec 27.5 opened up very well today above .50. I am just about at a double, i will start to lighten up as I double this trade, but the chart still looks great in keeping the underlying in the sweet spot.
VRSN – sitting right in the channel between the 32.5 and the 35 strikes
USB – The 32.5c Dec/Jan opened up on Monday, but I think we have a lot more potential. I sold 1/2 unit @ .20 this morning.
NFLX – Nov/Dec 25c look good as the underlying sits at 25, and the spread is between .525-.60 I will hold onto this and monitor the risk graph. I own two units, and have already made a handsome profit from my sales of last thursday, and yesterday. These last two units should expand in the next week or two.

Just so you know, a friend of mine picked up 4 seats for Game 5 @ Coors Field on Monday! She bought them during yesterday’s online sale. $125 each. Row 107 on the Aisle, in right field just above the Bullpen! Two of them have my name on them!! EXCELLENT. Those tickets can be scalped for $1200-$1500… Crazy!!! I am going to the game, how often does one get the chance to go to game 5 at home. Come on Sox, just win game 2. GO ROCKIES!!!

Here is some technical analysis that probably holds some truth:


These are fun Picts from a beautiful day in Breckenridge. I like having my camera back


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