October 23 – Turning on the computers for Tuesday.

I placed my buys and sells on Sunday night, and didn’t turn it on until late monday night. The Reason? I attended a Optionetics Seminar in Denver. Tuesday frustrating to get WS tickets.

I placed my buys and sells on Sunday night, and didn’t turn it on until late monday night. The Reason? I attended a Optionetics Seminar in Denver. The do offer excellent education, and I do recommend them, (888) 366-8264 and you can use my reference # 2017320, for referrals. The instructors were excellent, as usual, Greg Loehr and Peter Zomaya. On the drive down, I received a few great fills, and during the class my phone would vibrate a few great trade confirmations.
MEDX – exited the final 15p calendar for .05
UTHR – great exit on 1 unit for .45
VRSN- I also received an excellent fill on the 32.5p Nov/Dec calendar. 2 units purchased for .34. That price was the best I could get on friday, and I was pleased that the spread narrowed at the open. This morning it is sitting between .40-.45. The reason for this addition was to balance out my entire position. Breakevens now sit @ 30.40 and 38.
PDLI – Entry – 4 units of 20p calendar for .05. On tuesday, I added 4 units of 25p for .03 and 5 units of 22.5 calendar for .05 it offers a great risk reward, with breakevens @ 17.75 and 28.5. This risk here is a possible buyout, I am watching for that. My plan is a “hit and run”, make a small profit and get out. This is my second play in PDLI, my first offered a nice .10-.15 of profit on 5 units of contracts. I just sold 1 unit of the 20p calendar for .15. Nice.
This is my current risk graph
USB- I sold 3 units of the 32.5c calendar for .20. I still have 8 units on and I am enjoying this opening of the calendar. It is probably cause from the sagging in the underlying price and the value of the Dec contract becoming less prized. I am just peeling out of this one slowly as there is 58 days until expiration.
NFLX – Announced great earnings and the stock popped (right into a sweet part of my risk graph). I sold all 3 units of the Nov/Dec 22.5p for .40, and 1 unit of the 25c calendar for .57. The stock is sitting at 25 and the 2 remaining units of the NFLX nov/dec calendar look great, I will piece out of these if I get the right price. I still am showing that I have realized about 1/3 of the potential profit in this trade. So far the trade has worked well, but I am holding out for a little more here.
UNG- I entered 100 shares @ 38. I still like the Natural Gas possibilities as we move toward winter.
Even though I pulled out some cash from my acct to live on, yesterday’s exits nearly replenished my account. Ya got love that.
NVLS – 27.5p nov/dec calendar continues to look great, as it is sitting right on the strike. And in the middle of the channel.
Getting World Series Tickets:
I am getting ready for the Rockies to open their online ticket selling in about an hour, I am going to try to buy 4. Wish me luck! I have 3 computers trying to login.
I have been on the rockies site for 2 hrs, and have been let into the page to buy the tickets twice. The first time, the Java script froze my computer, the second time the MLB made me register (squeezed me) to their mailing list, then when I got back to the order screen the system dropped me and made me que up again. I had sweet seats too. MLB, fire your Server hosts and your IT department, they SUCK! Check out what these ticket are going for by aftermarket scalpers… The sad part is that I was trying to get tickets for the game so that I could surprise my kids. Lots of other were obviously buying them to scalp. Sheesh.

My desk as I was trying to get tickets for the World Series. It was a futile effort, as the MLB Ticketing system is a frustrating piece of crap.

I just bought this Canon SD750 for the upcoming winter. I am really looking forward to using it on the hill this winter. I have been somewhat cameraless for the past 2 months, so I haven’t been able to post many photos on the site. This purchase should solve that.

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