5 thoughts on “Mountain Tweets”

  1. I sure didn’t think this market would go on like it has. I have been on the sidelines waiting for it to turn. A day late (and a dollar short) I guess.
    I quit riding my cannondale a while back to play more hockey so there isn’t anything to tune up; but I did take the new Callaway FT-5 for a ride today. It’s long, straight, and when you hit it the club sounds like you’re hitting a home run.

  2. Jon
    given your interest in Bernanke, you may have already seen the video below. In case you haven’t, Glenn Hubbard, currently the Dean of the Columbia Business School, was the also-ran in the race to replace Greenspan. The student in this video looks eerily like Hubbard.
    Hope to ski with you soon,

  3. Are you planning on teaching this babes on bumps class next year? Any idea what day? There are 3-4 of us from Evergreen that would like to do it.

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