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The top identity theft and legal plan program in North America converged upon Oklahoma City. The group was greeted by the Oklahoma Lt. Governor, Congressman, State Senator, Insurance Commissioner, and Attorney General (President of US Attorney Generals). <a

The top identity theft and legal plan program in North America converged upon Oklahoma City. The group was greeted by the Oklahoma Lt. Governor, Congressman, State Senator, Insurance Commissioner, and Attorney General (President of US Attorney Generals). When a business comes into town and that slate of Government official show, it is usually not a good thing for company. However, the Prepaid Legal International convention is not just any group.
I have been a very happy independent associate with the company for the past 6 years. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the product. And today I more excited than I have ever been before. The market is growing as fast as we can keep up with it. I just need to work with more fine people across the US to spread the word. Here is a website that is very informative.
Three days of learning and fun where shared. And here were just a few words of wisdom from the recent International Convention for Pre-Paid Legal Services in Oklahoma City, OK.

“With your sight you can see where you are currently. Your vision shows you where you can be.”
“There is no such thing as an insignificant person, moment, or relationship.”
– Jim Stovall
“The Ultimate Gift”

There have been significant happenings in the field of Identity Theft. Unfortunately for most of us, we are woefully ignorant of what is necessary to protect ourselves. Most think Credit Card identity theft measures and credit monitoring protect you. They do not protect you from the majority of identity theft.
The 5 areas of identity theft:
Social Security
Drivers License
Database You –
Your information is spread through dozens and dozens, if not hundreds and hundreds of databases. More than 90% of Americans have inaccuracies in their primary credit, medical, and criminal files.
IBM and other companies have made significant developments in facial and optical recognition files with up to 5000 visual datapoints. These can instantaneously access major database files, so that observers can find and observe a person and research their background (whether the data is correct or contains inaccuracies). A person needs to have their personal watchdog. I believe I have found the best way for the majority of Americans to take protection into their own hands.
HPIM2772.JPGLisa M and David Hughes

Kroll and Pre-Paid Legal offer this service for individuals. The are two of the #1 companies in their respective industries. PPL is the only company which offers Layered Protection from Identity Theft. Monitoring to alert the member to the situation, Legal Services to protect the member, and Restoration to return the members name to good standing and minimize the amount of time-consuming work necessary to restore an identity.
In 2005, the idea of Medical Identity Theft (MIDT), and the notion that MIDT could be serious enough to be more than a time consuming pain. A Time Magazine article, quoted attorney John Gardner, “Medical Identity Theft can kill you.” Others criticized Mr. Gardner for being smooth talking and overstating the issue. The next year, the topic for the World Privacy Forum 2006, was titled “Medical Identity Theft – What you don’t know can kill you!”

“Passion stems from when you catch a glimpse of what COULD be.”
“We are a country of laws. That is our strength. But as a citizen, you need to know how to Navigate it. That is one of the major benefits of the pre-paid legal membership.”
Tom Cole, Congressman

It is necessary for each family to protect themselves. Don’t think that the government knows how to do it, or is even significantly interested on protecting individuals. Local law enforcement does not have the time or personnel resources to handle personal IDT cases. Individual cases of Identity Theft are merely datapoints to find larger points. But when Identity Theft happens to you or a member of your family, it is not merely a datapoint. It is a significant, time-consuming, and frustrating issue. Having a company like Kroll and Pre-Paid Legal Services as your advocate and restoration specialist is the best way to minimize your exposure and impact.
HPIM2722.JPGWe took lots of notes and have returned with information to help you.

And now with recent legislation and the digital age, phone conversations and text messages are recorded and stored. They are part of the Database You. Inexpensive storage, and 1’s and 0’s (digital info) can be kept on massive amounts of personal information. Some accurate, and some inaccurate. And with the advances in storage (flashdrives) all of it is easily transferable, and relatively easy to copy.
“50-70% of data stolen is done by employees and contractors.” – FTC
“Today, the revenue from trafficking financial data has surpassed drug trafficking.”

“When a company loses your identity information, they offer you 12 months of credit monitoring. That is like going to the doctor, finding out you have cancer and then being offered an Aspirin. Aspirin will not cure cancer, and credit monitoring will not cure id theft.” It requires a suite of products. Pre-Paid Legal services offers the only true layered system of protection.”
John Gardner, S. Carolina House of Representatives (former), ID Theft expert

“Identity Theft will be 20 times the problem it is today in the next 24 months.”
USA Today
I care for my friends, relatives, and students. I believe that this product should be owned by all of us. The cost is minimal for these services. My family is certainly worth $1 a day.
I have included a few links to view more information. The registration process is simple and takes less than 5 minutes.
To your success,
Jon Lawson

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