Renewed hobbies aligning with goals. Summer 2013

P1010219Summer started a bit late in Breckenridge, CO. The summers are relatively short at 9,600 ft, so we try to make the most of it. P1010622This is time to rest the body, or at least get the feet out of ski boots. But with my mind focused on skiing and teaching I look for activities which carry over passion and fitness into winter. I would like to credit a friend of mine, Lindsey A. for helping me remember how much I enjoy two activities, Mountain Biking and Photography.

I keep 10% of my income in a jar(literally) for education, and another 10% for “passions”. Well, let’s say those jars have been somewhat depleted this summer in exchange for tangible items. I am currently the proud owner of a new Panasonic G5 DSLM camera, and a used Santa Cruz Superlight mountain bike. The camera was just what I wanted, and much more than I even knew was possible. My previous bike was a Team Marin hardtail that I bought in 1996. Oh how much more fun Full-Suspension mountain biking is.

At the docks on the 4th of July.
At the docks on the 4th of July.

I have been reading many of my older photobooks, and focusing on the nuances of Aperture priority, and longer exposure shots. There was a time in the “old days” when my wife and I would shoot 40-50 rolls of film a month. That was one heck of a monthly budget item. The ongoing cost is so much lower now. I love the idea of digital for this reason alone. I find the learning curve much quicker in the realm of digital. I have an idea, take a shot, immediately evaluate the results, take a shot, evaluate results. Then go back to the books for more ideas and understanding. Great stuff.

I plan on taking and posting more photos of my students for the winter. I want to find the special and unexpected shots that make my student’s vacations and lesson experiences that much more special.

My passion with mountain biking goes back to when I was 4 and I started motorcycle riding. P1010300I then raced between the ages of 7-11. I rode mountain bikes in college, and then again when I moved to Colorado. However, when I had children cycling took a back seat. Work and helping with the kids consumed most of my time. I started road riding more around 2006. A good way to combat the drop in metabolism which accompanied my mid-30s. I also found that I came back to the ski season much stronger when I spent my summer cycling. Pedaling also complimented my desired skiing movements as well. Plunging a singletrack decent is pretty awesome as well.

As I prepare for the second half of summer 2013, I am grateful that I have found a few activities which keep my mind and body in focus. Keeping physically fit will prepare me for another 155+ days on snow. These new activities will keep my mind sharp for a better quality of teaching.
What are you doing new this summer to keep you growing? I look forward to reading your comments.

And if you have a digital camera, and don’t know how to do this (below), learn how. It’s not that hard, and it is fun.

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