Skiing on a Monday in Breckenridge

I greeted Monday morning to sunshine and comfortable temperatures.  But here in Breckenridge we love Mondays.  There is more room to ski and you can just about ski right onto the lifts. 

Midweek days are usually fun to teach on because the folk who ski often have taken their vacation to ski.  January 11th was just such a ski lesson with Dave A. from the Highlands Ranch area. Dave took advantage of the new Adventure Session product with Ski School.  This session is offered for between 1-5 guests, and starts at 9:15.  It is not designed as a lesson but rather a guide around the mountain. A buyer of this product usually isn’t able to request an instructor for this product.  
I met Dave about 9am, and he had a few terrain goals.  Being that he was a Level 7 skier, I had a few ideas. When I saw that he was up for being an “All-Terrain” 7, we were off!  
We warmed up on upper 4 O’clock from 6-Chair on Peak 8 (P8).  We slipped around to the Front Bowl (Horseshoe Bowl) so that I could determine his comfort level.  We used a Green, Yellow, Red model to help me determine his level of “mental” comfort on certain terrain.  When we dropped in the snow was very good.  From there we skied the “Swamp”, then headed over to the T-bar.  Dave did well across Front Bowl area.  He told me that he had thought of skiing from the top of Imperial Bowl “12,900” and he wondered if he was able.  After seeing him ski and knowing a few things about skiing people from the top, we loaded the chair. In 4 minutes we were on top of the world.  Pike’s Peak was in clear view (90+mi away).  We skied the ridge, then reloaded the chair. Now it was time for the Imperial Bowl itself.  We entered and took bite size chunks of the bowl  By the time we were half way down the comfort level was high and we skied all the way down.  We skied a few runs on Peak 7, including Ore Bucket.  We took one more run off the T-bar, then had a few more runs before lunch at Spencer’s on Peak 9.
After a short but tasty lunch we headed back out to enjoy the bluebird day.  It was gorgeous on the hill.  We headed over to Peak 10 for a few runs.  We took a look out on the “southside”, then skied Cimarron and DoubleJack.  Great times.  With a few pointers Dave was skiing very well.  As our legs began to tire, we headed back to P8 for another Imperial lap.  
It was a great day to play on the mountain with temps in the 20-30s, and nearly cloudless skies.  We skied about 19,000 vertical feet by the end of the day.  That was a good Adventure Session. Thanks Dave.

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